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Could the Legalization of Daily Fantasy Sports Mean the End of the Mobile Gaming Monopoly?

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Daily Fantasy Sports is a rapidly growing billion-dollar industry that until recently has been dominated by two key players, DraftKings and FanDuel. Together these giants represent 95% of the market. While fantasy sports has traditionally relied on drafting teams at the start of each season, these apps enable daily drafts, letting fans play for instant cash prizes, and they’re experiencing “hyper growth,” as Forbes describes.

In 2015, 56.8 million people played fantasy sports in the U.S. and Canada – this is a 37 percent increase from the previous year, and as more states across the U.S. legalize Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) it is expected to increase still more. An industry that has previously been put under huge scrutiny, and shrouded in controversy, is now being regulated and opening up to new parts of the country, most recently in New York.

This opens the door for a whole range of new apps and tools, using big data and predictive analysis for an increasingly diverse market.

Mark Cuban’s Fantasy Labs

daily fantasy sports

Mark Cuban’s investment in Fantasy Labs this January drew even more attention to the industry. Cuban highlighted the “explosive growth” and the need for high-end resources, such as Fantasy Labs. The analytics company gives subscribers to the service information, including player trends and Las Vegas odds on winning.

The data and tools from Fantasy Labs means that expert DFS players can test theories and models, based on chosen factors and weighted sliders, and build effective lineups.

Linestar Analytics Creates Optimal Lineups

daily fantasy sports

Linestar helps gamers win more often on DraftKings, FanDuel, and Yahoo Daily Fantasy. The apps, available on iPhone and iPad, helps players to create lineups for top daily fantasy sports, including NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL, using smart algorithms that take into account over 100 unique factors. This helps players to select the best values for their salary requirements and find underrated value players based on real data.

Linestar is mobile only, designed to make it easy to generate lineups, projections and strategy on phone and tablet. Instead of providing an alternative to the giants of industry it aims to help the fans of these billion dollar players to enjoy the game, without having to be a shark, or a data scientist.

FantasyWired Offers Mobile Content and Strategy


As the DFS ecosystem continues to grow, FantasyWired provides a central spot, with the free iOS app that delivers all DFS up-to-date news and podcasts straight to a player’s phone. The app provides access to expert DFS picks and strategies, as well as customizable instant alerts for emerging news that could impact a gamers’ lineups, helping to avoid last minute disasters, such as key players or high priced draft picks with injury reports, or even no-shows.

The app comes with the FantasyWired podcast as well as reviews and bonus codes for top daily fantasy sports sites, providing all the relevant information for the more seasoned DFS player.

Syde’s One-Click DFS Opens the Game to Casual Players


In 2016, Syde launched its iOS app, Syde One-Click Fantasy Sports 2.0 offering casual gamers the chance to play simple, pre-populated games, earning cash rewards in seconds. While DraftKings and FanDuel have dominated the industry, the games themselves are ruled by the pros, or “grinders” that pour over statistics and leave little space for the casual fan. McKinsey reported that in 2014, the top 1.3% of DFS players accounted for a huge 77% of winnings, but just 23% of entry fees.

Syde levels the playing field for the more inexperienced player that wants to try their hand at DFS without committing huge amounts of time. The app uses predictive analytics to create compelling match-ups, and users simply pick the “syde” they think will win. With Syde, there is no need for position or roster requirements, or salary caps. Just easy to understand games for anyone who wants to join the game.

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