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Need a ride for a leisurely trip and can’t bear the thought of fighting through city traffic? Or maybe your destination is such that a car just won’t do.

Well, there is a service for that – with an accompanying app, of course.

BLADE is the first digitally driven ?short distance aviation company. Using the app, flights can be booked to the most in-demand destinations in seconds.

In short, you can use your phone using the BLADE app to have a chopper at your disposal.

The company operates out of New York, and since its focus right now is short-distance services, there are only select destinations.

Blade app helicopter service

You can fly from Manhattan to East Hampton, Cape Cod, Mohegan Sun, Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket, Fire Island Pines, and nearby NYC airports. Never miss a flight again!

If you think that’s luxurious, then you’re in for more treats.

BLADE not only flies you to your destination at your convenience, but it also pampers you all the way. They describe the experience as:

The BLADE customer experience begins at any of our three BLADE Lounges. With unparalleled style and service, all of our locations have become iconic in the industry (you would never mistake a BLADE Lounge for a typical City Heliport).

BLADE Lounge West ready for GQ photo shoot.

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You can either book your own private flight using the BLADE app, or you can launch your own crowdsourced charter flight. For the latter, you choose the flight and seats you want and BLADE will sell the rest for you.

As for the price…we know you get what you pay for. Ridiculously luxurious, but one can dream.

Check out BLADE and its services here.

Download the app.

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