Big Week For Apps: Photoshop, Vimeo, Readability

This is shaping up to be a pretty huge week for iOS app users — particularly iPad owners. Three major productivity apps are either already here or on their way, and they’re apps that users have been clamoring for, for ages.

Photoshop Touch

First up is Photoshop Touch. It’s been available for Android for a few months now, but iOS users can at last get their hands on this long-awaited productivity app starting today. It runs $9.99, and while it can’t do everything that Photoshop can do, it can do quite a lot. It’s a great marriage of Photoshop’s best features and iPad’s touchscreen capabilities, but it’s an iPad exclusive — sorry, iPhone users. The UI puts Photoshop’s layer tools and editing tools in a frame surrounding the central, image-viewing area.


Also available today is the long-promised revamp of the official Vimeo app; now iPad users can join in, thanks to an elegant, attractive interface. It’s a free download, and unlike YouTube’s app, which merely lets you view videos, Vimeo’s lets you shoot and edit them as well.

Coming on Thursday is the native Readability app, which reformats websites/articles to reduce web clutter and make reading more enjoyable (a la Flipbook). Readability is already available as a free desktop browser plugin, and the iOS app is expected to be free as well. The software has proven popular because it not only enhances the reading experience, but it gives you simplified tools for sharing and saving articles (a la Instapaper), and even sending your saved documents to ereaders like Kindle.

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