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When you talk about games, most people tend to think about adventure or action games, something with a background story and main characters battling evil spawns. However, not everyone has the taste for this kind of game. Some people just want a minimalist game that is not too busy. Or, sometimes, you just want something soothingly simple. If you’re looking for something along those lines that’ll still engage you without all the elaborateness, here are some of the best minimalist iOS games that you can download on your iPhone.

10 Best Minimalist iOS Games in 2021

Into The Circle

best minimalist ios gamesInto The Circle is a progression game where your goal is to hit the target area with your puck.

You can aim from left to right and press down when the time is right.

The longer you press down, the higher the force to propel your puck in that certain direction.

It’s a great game for when you’re just looking to pass the time and before you know it, you’ve spent hours trying to beat your high score.

Do note that this game is ad-supported so you will get ads from time to time.


Something that’ll get your mind working a little bit is Noodles! It’s a game where you connect branching tubes together to achieve the goal of closing a system.

The number of moves you make as well as the time you spend finishing the puzzle count as your score.

This game also features smooth pastel colors so it won’t hurt your eyes due to brightness.

It’s visually pleasing and it’ll certainly take your time puzzling it out.


best minimalist iphone gamesAnother minimalist puzzle game worth checking out is rop.

It’s a game where the player must use a rope and create specific shapes as indicated. The game itself may provide a zen experience thanks to the way that its visuals and audio were designed.

It features a monochromatic look and meditative audio.

There’s no limit in time and moves so you can take your time thinking about how to solve every puzzle.


The concept of Puk can be likened to that of Into The Circle.

The goal is to hit the target with your puck by pulling it back and aiming just in the right direction.

The number, size, and position of each target are different for every level. This game is a little bit challenging with some targets even hiding behind walls.

The goal is to hit all the targets within the time limit.

KEY – 3D Cubic Puzzle

If you’re skilled at spatial navigation, this game called KEY might interest you. The player must choose the right shapes to put into the correct holes and complete a whole cube.

It sounds easy, right?


For every level, the cube would have a missing piece on every side. You can rotate the cube to take a look at each side and imagine how the pieces will fit the cube. The caveat is you have to finish the puzzle within the time limit, which is really fast.


As the name suggests, Polyforge is a game where players get to forge crystals and strike them to create new shapes.

It’s visually pleasing and the sounds make for a relaxing experience. The colors aren’t that bright and the aesthetic is beautiful.

The only thing is that when you play the game, you can’t strike the same side twice.

It’s an interesting game to try out for people who love a chill, minimalist game.


An interesting concept of a game is Outfolded, where your aim is simply to unfold shapes.

It features minimalistic gameplay where players just need to swipe to unfold.

The levels are endless and you get to take on challenging puzzles every single day.

You can even compete with your friends, so it has a social aspect to it.

Plus, you can also share solutions to hard levels to help other players solve a certain puzzle.


Another unique, minimalist game is ston.

If you don’t like pressure when playing a game, this is it.

It doesn’t involve time limits or move limits, so you can leisurely play at your own pace.

The aim of this game is to remove all of the cubes in every level.

Aside from the 260 challenging levels that this game features, you can actually also create your own.

Blendoku 2

If you usually work with colors, the Blendoku 2 is perfect for you.

In this game, you get to learn about color theory and play color puzzles to your heart’s content. There are always new puzzle types and themes that’ll keep you on your toes.

This game features 500 different levels of difficulty, intuitive touch controls, and perfect badges for players.

The great part is it even has colorblind support.


Linelight is a minimalist game that features puzzles consisting of lines.

This game can be played by anyone at any age – that’s how easy it is to navigate.

The game contains 6 worlds, each one offering new discoveries, and features more than 200 unique puzzles that your brain can pick on.

In addition, the music is also soothing to the ears, so you can stay calm while traversing through this game.

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