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Now that there’s a pandemic looming over the world, among the things really taking a hit is the economy. People are losing jobs left and right and financial stability is becoming questionable in the near future. Hence, it’s imperative that people find different ways to still earn and save money whilst going through this very difficult phase. One of the many ways to earn or save some money aside from, obviously, working is through the use of apps. Yes, that’s right, you can make money through apps on your iPhone.

Here are some of the best Apple apps that you can use to make money.

Apps to Make Money


Now that everyone’s stuck at home, people have begun organizing their stuff, which they didn’t have time to do before. If you have used CDs or video games in your stash that you won’t use anymore, you can sell them through the Decluttr app. In addition, you can also sell old electronic gadgets such as phones, game consoles, and tablets. This would be better than just throwing them away.

Simply install the Decluttr app on your iPhone and begin scanning the items. You instantly get an offer on the items from the app itself. If you find the offer acceptable, just print out the pre-paid label for the items. Ship off the items with the label and drop it off at any UPS store. You can also have it picked up by a UPS driver and that’s it.


Are you sure that you’re getting the best price for the items that you buy? What if there are actually better deals out there that you’re not aware of? If you immediately buy things without looking around first, you might be spending way more than what the item’s worth. Cumulatively, this could be a considerable amount that you could save.

To help you with this, the Wikibuy app searches for the best price for you. It notifies users of available coupons that they can use for an item that they’re looking into buying. The app can also offer you another place that’s selling the same item for less. In addition, you can also earn Wikibuy credits, which you can use to redeem gift cards. These gift cards can be used at places like Walmart and Nordstrom Rack. If there’s an item on your wishlist, Wikibuy can notify you when it goes on sale.


Do you want to earn money while doing daily tasks? If so, Swagbucks is for you. It’s an app that enables users to earn money while doing regular tasks like searching the web, shopping online, and watching videos. You can also earn additional money by taking paid surveys and playing games. If you’re a new user, you also get a $10 bonus upon registration.

From doing these regular tasks, users earn rewards, which you can redeem for cash. The cash is then deposited to your PayPal account. Aside from this, you can also opt to exchange the rewards for gift cards that you can use in any of their partner retailers. These include Walmart and Amazon. This app is definitely one of the best money-earning app on iPhone.

What’s even more amazing is that there’s no limit to your earnings in the app. If you keep using it, you can earn as much as $50 per month. This amount’s not bad at all, considering that it won’t be replacing your full-time job. As a sideline, this earning would definitely be of help already. The app has more than 20 million active members, which just goes to show how effective it is in helping people make money.


Another way to make money through iPhone apps is by cash-back shopping. You can get a certain percentage of what you paid for back. Isn’t that just great? Unlike other cash-back apps, Ibotta is known for its wide range of accepted brands. Aside from retail stores, you can also get cash-backs from shopping at groceries. Since this is a necessity, you can actually get more from Ibotta than other similar apps.

In addition, you can also earn more by inviting your friends to use the app through your affiliate link. Each friend that you invite to use the app will entitle you to a $5 bonus. Plus, you can also get $10 as a sign-up bonus if you’re a new user.


DoorDash is quite a popular app for food deliveries. Unlike other apps, DoorDash allows you to use any vehicle you have to pick up and deliver food. Hence, this is great for people who can still go out and work. Drivers of DoorDash also have a base pay so there’s a constant amount that you’ll get. In addition, as a driver of DoorDash, you also get to keep all of the tips that you receive from customers.

Aside from the usual deliveries, this app also offers challenges and special promotions, which allows its drivers to earn more. Even though you’re still responsible for the travel expenses, you can lessen this by choosing a more efficient transportation method. If convenient, you can even deliver by foot.


Another cash-back app worth looking into is Dosh. What makes this app great is that it’s not tedious to use. Simply buy the items using your linked card at any participating outlets. You can even get cash-backs from just filling up your gas tank at an affiliated gas station. The cash-banks simply go straight to your Dosh account.

To start, just download the Dosh app on your iPhone and link your credit card. Don’t worry about security, as the app makes sure that it’s secure against hackers. After your credit card has been linked, just use it at participating merchants. The points you make will automatically be credited to your Dosh Wallet. You can cash out to PayPal once your balance reaches $25 and up.

These apps are definitely helpful during these trying times. With the current limitations imposed in different countries due to the pandemic, people’s earning abilities can be constrained. It’s best to take advantage of what these apps can offer so you can earn more while you go through this difficult phase.

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