4 Halloween Apps to Enjoy Any Time of the Year

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Looking for scary games? Here are several that you might find fun to play.

Halloween Apps


halloween apps

Of course this Halloween app is the first on the list. What’s Halloween without ghosts, and what’s the first thing that comes to mind when it’s ghost time?

You get to play as part of the Ghostbusters team…I ain’t afraid of no ghost! (Oh, and it’s free.)

Five Nights at Freddy’s

halloween apps

This sounds a tad scarier than Ghostbusters, doesn’t it? Well, according to Sammy Snyder of iPhoneFAQ, this Halloween game actually made him jump while playing it. It’s a good thing he didn’t drop his iPhone!

The premise is that you work at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza where the main attraction is Freddy Fazbear and his two friends. You work as a security guard at night, when the toys do scary stuff; so your goal is to survive the “night”. Good luck with that.

This game is available for $2.99.

Dead Ahead


“The Dead are coming for you, it’s time to find a ride and drive for your life. With the relentless zombie hordes hot on your heels and hungry for flesh, can you fend them off whilst keeping your eyes on the road?”

I can’t drive if my life depended on it (well, I can actually), but if zombies were after me left and right, that’s a whole different story. Maybe we should all play this free game to practice for the zombiecalypse.

Halloween WordSearch


If you want something less stressful than the first two Halloween apps, then Halloween WordSearch might just be the game for you. It’s a word puzzles game, with a witchy twist. It’s got high ratings, so it must be quite enjoyable. I’m going to download it now, and you should, too if you like word games. It’s free!

The Obvious: Plants Vs. Zombies.

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