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The Best Data Recovery Tools for Mac with Excellent Functionality

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When some crucial data is lost, it always causes trouble and is rather stressful. And if this happened on your Mac, it may even seem more hopeless unless you use a native recovery app.

But now, the situation has changed significantly. The best data recovery software used to be available only for PC users, but now, you can find it even for Mac. There are different tools in different categories. Some users believe that if they pay a lot for a tool it will work flawlessly. This may very well be true, but now, there are just lots of Mac data recovery tools that are free – but it doesn’t make them less efficient than expensive apps.

However, before you use any third-party files recovery option, make sure you can get your files back without it. Here is a short tutorial for MacOS to try to recover your lost information directly from the device.

  • Verify once more that the data is really gone. Check the Trash bin. Your files might be still there, and it is super easy to undelete. Just click on the file and select the option “Put Back”.
  • Try Time Machine. This is one of the famous native apps for Mac. Start the app and open the needed folder. Scroll back until the file can be seen there.
  • If none of the options works, you might need to look for some efficient software to undelete your crucial files.

Top File Recovery Tools

These 5 best free data recovery tools for Mac provide you with all the needed functionality and are open source. You can compare their usability options and make your choice of the best data recovery tool. Do not forget to pay attention to the file formats the tool works with.

Disk Drill

Disk Drill has a paid and a non paid version. Let’s look at the options a free version provides. Disk Drill offers:

  • Work with around 300 different formats of files;
  • Very easy to use even if you are not an expert;
  • High functionality level.

This tool can be regarded as a top free file recovery software. Its unpaid version has amazing functionality. It has a nice interface that makes the tool very easy to use. And the only drawback is the absence of the opportunity to scan a particular folder.


  • Undeleting of multiple files formats;
  • Disk partitions recovery and turning on-bootable disks into bootable.

The graphic user interface is absent though, so, using it might be quite challenging.


  • This tool can undelete files on any Apple device;
  • Unlimited volumes of data can be undeleted.

The tool is however not so easy to use, the interface is lacking.

Exif Untrasher

This one you would need after accidental formatting of a memory card or any external device. The volume of files to undelete can be any, the tool is available in open access.

MP3 Data Recovery

  • This is a highly specialized tool used for hard drives that are encrypted. This is its main feature;
  • A nice user interface is just amazing. You can undelete up to 1 GB of any data for free, further, paid options are available;
  • The tool struggles, however, with video files.

If you are struggling to find out what the best data recovery app for Mac is, just compare the given ones and select one based on your needs. All of them are easily accessible and can be downloaded directly to your device.

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Kokou Adzo

Kokou Adzo

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