Tempo External Drive saves what you Delete

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This unique take on the back-up drive from designer Franco Cagnina (for Intech) is a concept design that, by default, will automatically copy anything you delete from your hard drive to itself. Now, some will argue (me being one of them) that you probably don’t want the stuff you delete…you know…since you deleted it…but the idea is in place to protect you from accidentally deleting files.

The device can also serve as a simple external hard drive.

The coolness of the design is probably the main selling point. In addition to looking like a Recycle Bin icon, the device has lights in it that come on from the bottom all the way up as the device is filled with data, letting you know, at a glance, how full it is.

It is not yet known if this will go into full production.

via Cagnina Design

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4 thoughts on “Tempo External Drive saves what you Delete

  1. This thing is friggin sweet, especially the idea with the lights and wireless ability. The idea of backing up deleted files is a little lame, but the drive itself is cool.

  2. @ Steve


    I don’t think I would use it for the “auto-back up” features – but I would use it as an external hard drive to have Time Machine back-up too…and I’d pay a little extra for the freakin’ sweet design.

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