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Nothing to lose really. If you’re looking for something just “OK” to have on your iPhone to pass the time, Sunday Lawn will be able to satisfy filling the odd blanks between your meetings. What was once a paid game is now free for the iPhone.

Sunday Lawn plays like Pacman — you’re Charlie and mowing the lawn on a relaxing Sunday afternoon has never been so tedious. Instead of gobbling power pellets, you have to mow several yards worth of foliage in the most oddly designed backyards ever made. There are obstacles, puzzles and traps which poor Charlie must evade and he wins once the lawn is 100% mowed. Though you can play the game casually, the main objective is to get a seamless combo of yards mowed by allowing Charlie to mow in a continuous line. The more “combos” you do, the more points you get. However, this part of the game has become frustrating as the touch screen controls aren’t the best thing ever — dragging your thumb to any of the four directions will allow Charlie to make a turn. Since he can’t stop mowing unless he runs into a wall, the timing for changing direction should really count.

[Download Sunday Lawn — FREE]

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