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SPECULATION: 5 Predictions for Apple in 2007

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apple-logo.jpg2006 is coming to a close, and all anyone can think about (in regards to Apple, at least) is the upcoming Apple Phone…but what happens next? What are we going to be salivating over and speculating about after Macworld? What changes are in store for Apple in 2007? No one knows for sure…but it sure is fun to take a guess…

5 Predictions for Apple in 2007

1) Expanding the Mac Brand – 2007 is going to be the year of the “Mac”. Apple is going to expand upon the Mac branding to include the new Phone product (my guess is MacMobile), and possibly even the “i” software suites. MacLife anyone? The “i” branding is played out, and, with the exception of the iPod and possibly the iMac, the “i” is on the down hill slide. There will be a dramatic shift away from the lowercase “i” in 07.

2) The “true” Video iPod…Finally – After years of speculation, the full screen video iPod will make it’s debut just in time for the 07 holiday season sales push. The device will feature a beautiful screen and a new, clickwheel-free, design. My guess is it will not be touch screen, and will in no way live up to the 2+ year hype surrounding it…in spite of that, however, it will be a “must have” item for Christmas 07.

3) The Next Generation of iMac…featuring Blu-ray I hope I’m wrong about this, actually, since I do not think that Blu-ray has much of a chance of winning the format wars, but I predict that we’ll see the high end models of next year’s iMacs with built-in Blu-ray drives without a significant cost increase over the current high end iMacs. Disney is behind Blu-ray…to me that means Jobs is behind Blu-ray as well…and that means Blu-ray equipped Macs.

4) Palm CEO Ed Colligan will eat his words – “We’ve learned and struggled for a few years here figuring out how to make a decent phone…PC guys are not going to just figure this out. They’re not going to just walk in.’’ This is one of the most asinine statements I’ve ever heard in my life, and I think Mr. Colligan is going to regret saying it when 07 comes to a close. Apple is gunning for Palm, Blackberry, and every other Smartphone manufacturer out there, and while I don’t think they will become a market leader next year, I do think Palm will be feeling Apple’s presence weighing heavily on their bottom line next year.

5) OSX and Windows, working together at last – I expect to see Parallels fully integrated into Leopard by the time the OS is released, giving us the first OS in history (to my knowledge anyway) that will allow us to seamlessly run our Windows, Mac, and even Linux programs from the same desktop. Finally, Mac Users can run those Windows only applications that seem to crop up from time to time. The new Parallels Beta already makes this possible, but if integrated into Leopard, you can officially say, “Vista…who?”

I’m sure all of you have your own opinions about what 2007 holds for Apple…and I’m extremely certain that some of you completely disagree with what I’ve just written…so, feel free to leave your comments, beratings, or whiny rants below.

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Kokou Adzo

Kokou Adzo

Kokou Adzo is a stalwart in the tech journalism community, has been chronicling the ever-evolving world of Apple products and innovations for over a decade. As a Senior Author at Apple Gazette, Kokou combines a deep passion for technology with an innate ability to translate complex tech jargon into relatable insights for everyday users.

41 thoughts on “SPECULATION: 5 Predictions for Apple in 2007

  1. I agree with the first 4 points, but the last one will definitely not happen. There is no need for Apple to include Parallels Desktop in Leopard; they’ve got their own solution (weaker, but perfectly usable) and Parallels Desktop is very affordable.

    Apple doesn’t WANT you to run Windows on Macs; they want you to know that you CAN.

  2. I agree with Neven, if I buy a Mac I’ll run mac apps on it, sure, the notion of a capable mac running windows via parallels or boot camp can make a safety net for your work, but a mac is a mac, os x is better

  3. While running windows apps right on OSX would be great, it’s not quite how you explain it. Parallels still requires Windows. So it can’t be ‘built in’ in the way you describe…you’d still need a windows license.

  4. “XP isn’t the enemy anymore Vista is.”

    I dunno. I think Ubuntu might be more of a threat to OSX than Vista is. In fact, I think Vista is a thread to Microsoft. ;o)

  5. 1) Expanding the Mac Brand (this is going to be the year of the Mac)
    Nope, sorry. This reminds me of desktop Linux. Its just not going to happen. Sad really, but Microsoft is too ingrained into our culture.

    2) The “true” Video
    Yes, and likely sooner (say, maybe a few months or less).

    3) The Next Generation of iMac…featuring Blu-ray
    Yes, but does anyone care (blu-ray or HD-DVD)?

    4) Palm CEO Ed Colligan will eat his words
    I wish but I still think it is doubtful. There are a number of problems with getting OSX to run on a smart device and a wireless network option creates many problems for Apple (exclusive contracts would not be possible). Further, Apple is not big enough to enter the wireless market directly.

    5) OSX and Windows, working together at last –
    It has been done plenty of times before (and directly within the OS of course not if you count Mac). A/UX, Amiga, and OS/2 (Dos-Windows-OS/2). A number of high end Unix solutions have done this for years (decades really).

  6. Jeff –

    “Nope, sorry. This reminds me of desktop Linux. Its just not going to happen. Sad really, but Microsoft is too ingrained into our culture.”

    I didn’t say that the Mac market share will increase, although I believe that will happen as well…what I said was the Apple will name more products “Mac” products…such as the phone.

    “It has been done plenty of times before (and directly within the OS of course not if you count Mac). A/UX, Amiga, and OS/2 (Dos-Windows-OS/2). A number of high end Unix solutions have done this for years (decades really).”

    Right, “not if you count Mac”. That’s kinda the big one for us Mac Users.

  7. Parallels WILL never be part of Mac OS X, or bought by Apple. It is a qt application, built on linux, and with java. It’s not even a real cocoa app. Now that they are adding features like USB 2.0 you are starting to see all the problems it causes.

    VMware is the only one built from the ground up using objective-c and cocoa. Apple won’t be buying them anytime soon.

    Also many linux OSes already ship with virtualization build in along with ESX from VMware which has been out for years, and is an OS that is nothing but virtualization 😉

  8. Jeff:

    “I wish but I still think it is doubtful. There are a number of problems with getting OSX to run on a smart device..”

    Symbian OS is just a face on top of a linux system.. why couldn’t mobile OS X be the same thing?

  9. Number 6 – MacTower

    I want a MacTower with a Core Duo, so I can do 80% of my computing in OS X and boot to Windows for gaming and other apps. The iMac isn’t easily upgradeable, and won’t preform good enough for gaming. The MacPro is overkill for my needs and is just to expensive. Come on Apple…MacTower!!!!

  10. Genius, take back what you said about Bluray… PS3 may be a stinker, but that still leaves apple and pretty much every PC hardware maker on the Bluray side (well, Sony VAIO computers are okay I guess)..

    That’s why I think Bluray will win.

    Don’t forget, in Japan, no one knows what an XBOX is.. so HDDVD will not take off over there… 😉

  11. Xbox (360) is available in Japan and even before the launch they set up a cafe there dedicated specifically to Xbox 360….So people definetely know what HD DVD is, while it still may not take off, they know about it.

  12. Like Tim above I want a desktop machine that I can run OSX on and then boot to windows that is upgradeable but not as expensive as their dual Xeon system. Then “if” the games come out for OSX I would buy them instead. I want a “standard” type of desktop computer for under $1.5k list.

    As far as the blu-ray thing goes, it appears that the war is over and blu-ray won. Most of the content providers are behind blu-ray and then you have like 10 million PS3’s with blu-ray coming out this year, then you have Disney and Apple, and lastly Sony as a content provider. On the other side you have Microsoft (can’t leverage their OS on this one), Toshiba and Warner. Toshiba can’t keep loosing $200 per unit for long and even Warner has started to make good Blu-Ray movies now. Isn’t that all but the death nail in HD-DVD? Warner making good Blu-Ray movies? Again the war appears to be over. Even Dell is shipping BluRay players now. Like it or not Sony leveraged the PS3 to kill HD-DVD.

  13. 1)
    I disagree with those who say apple shouldn’t take the wonderful work that Parallels Desktop created and build it into the OS (and perhaps even support Wine too). Leopard is supposed to be the complete switch to 64 bit all the way to the end user. If Apple were to take Window XP users under their wing and treat them like XP was their last gen OS, It would be like supporting an old OS and allowing these user to transition to something better. XP isn’t the enemy anymore Vista is. Parallels would be like how Apple use Rosetta to transition PowerPC apps to Intel. Apple could use Parallels to transition Window XP users to Intel Macs and do it “within” OS X’s UI.

    It is sad but a true fact that Apple, for all its push as a consumer desktop computer, has ignored the one Very Big “Desktop” entertainment category that many “Desktop” users do on a computer and that is Gaming. I have heard to many times were Home Desktop users would say that they would switch in a heartbeat if Linux or OS X had robust Game support. There was small rumors that Apple was hiring game programmers, however, I know that really doesn’t mean anything. The rumors were suggesting a whole new game hardware (like a console) in the works but I believe that is the wrong approach and that there is still plenty room in PC market for competition. If three console manufactures can battle it out and still make money, I believe that Apple could enter the PC Gaming market and give Microsoft a run for their money. Even if they don’t take #1 in gamers hearts I believe that Apple could make money from more hardware sales and perhaps( if they do it right on the OS side) make some money from software royalties as well. Since they already have a robust content delivery system with iTunes it wouldn’t be hard for Apple to apply it to Gaming software as well. What Apple needs to do is provide developers tools to take advantage of the hardware and Apple software and apply it to gaming. I always wonder what Apple could have done if they had created something similar to Direct X. I always envisioned it would be a combination something similar to Microsofts XNA concept combine with the full power Direct X provides. Apple was always about bring technology to the masses with easy-to-use tool sets and they do it well. Evidence in how easy it is to peform DVD and Sound/music Editing on the Mac for the consumer as well as Video, Photo, and Sound/music editing for the hobbyist and professionals. It wouldn’t hurt Apple to start bolstering this last ( and still relatively new and always evolving) category in consumer Desktop Use. This is all based on those small rumors that Apple was hiring game programmers and will unlikely happen but hey, one can always hope.

    Blu-ray – I have no problem with either Blu-ray or HD-DVD. However, when looking at the two for Data storage Blu-ray offers a better technological advantage over HD-DVD. What will win the format war isn’t which Movie Player has the best quality player (right now the blu-ray players have a slight advantage which will be counter by HD-DVD manufactures which will be countered by Blu-ray manufactures – its a no win in the video market). It will be what Computer Hardware companies see as a viable data storage format and right now that is blu-ray (oh and it doesn’t hurt that blu-ray can do movies too. With PS3
    performing well against High-End Blu-ray and HD-DVD players as well as majority of Blu-ray storage devices shipping in computers. Don’t believe me look at the Computer Hardware manufactures that sit on the board of Directors for the Blu-ray Disc Association (and while your at it take at look at some of the other electronic manufactures). Apple Dell and HP (which currently make the majority of consumer Desktops) are listed so you can bet that blu-ray will be on these machines. With so many companies contributing to Blu-ray that have other interest besides video, blu-ray will become the format of choice. So get over it. I personally would like to see cheap – easy to transport – 50GB, 100GB, maybe 200 GB soon. Flash and Optical storage, which doesn’t require spinning or moving parts and has faster Data transfer rates, will probably be the future but they are not cost effective yet for consumers right now when it comes to mass storage. Here is the list I copied from the Blu-ray Disc Association’s website or if you prefer a more trusting source here is the webpage I got it from:

    Board of Directors:
    Mitsubishi Electric
    Sun Microsystems
    Twentieth Century Fox
    Walt Disney
    Warner Bros.


    Adobe Systems
    Almedio Inc.
    Aplix Corporation
    ArcSoft, Inc.
    ATI Technologies Inc.
    Atmel Corporation
    AudioDev AB
    Broadcom Corporation
    Canon Inc.
    CMC Magnetics Corporation
    Coding Technologies GmbH
    Cryptography Research Inc.
    CyberLink Corp.
    DATARIUS Technologies GmbH
    DCA Inc.
    Deluxe Media Services Inc.
    Dolby Laboratories Inc.
    DTS, Inc.
    Electronic Arts Inc.
    Freescale Semiconductor
    FUJIFILM Corporation
    Fujitsu Ltd.
    Gibson Guitar Corp.
    Horizon Semiconductor
    Imation Corp.
    InterVideo Inc.
    Kenwood Corporation
    Lionsgate Entertainment
    LITE-ON IT Corporation
    LSI Logic
    MediaTek Inc.
    Meridian Audio Ltd.
    Mitsubishi Kagaku Media Co.Ltd.
    Mitsui Chemicals Inc.
    Moser Baer India Limited
    NEC Electronics Corporation
    Optodisc Technology Corporation
    Paramount Pictures Corporation
    Pixela Corporation
    Prodisc Technology Inc.
    Pulstec Industrial Co., Ltd.
    Ricoh Co., Ltd.
    Ritek Corporation
    ShibaSoku Co. Ltd.
    Sigma Designs Inc.
    Sonic Solutions
    Sony BMG Music Entertainment
    ST Microelectronics
    Taiyo Yuden Co., Ltd.,
    Texas Instruments, Inc.
    Universal Music Group
    Victor Company of Japan, Ltd.
    Visionare Corporation
    Zentek Technology Japan, Inc.
    ZOOtech Ltd.
    Zoran Corporation


    Alpine Electronics Inc.
    Arima Devices Corporation
    Asahi Kasei Microsystems Co., Ltd.
    ashampoo GmbH & Co. KG
    Bandai Visual Co. Ltd.
    Basler Vision Technologies
    BenQ Corporation
    B.H.A. Corporation
    Bose Corporation
    B&W Group
    The Cannery
    Cheertek Inc.
    Cinram Manufacturing Inc.
    D&M holdings, Inc.
    Daewoo Electronics Corporation
    Daikin Industries, Ltd.
    Daxon Technology Inc.
    Eclipse Data Technologies
    Elpida Memory, Inc.
    ESS Technology Inc.
    Expert Magnetics Corp.
    Fujitsu Ten Ltd.
    Funai Electric Co., Ltd.
    GalleryPlayer Media Networks
    Gear Software
    Hie Electronics, Inc.
    Hoei Sangyo Co., Ltd.
    IMAGICA Corp.
    INFODISC Technology Co., Ltd.
    Infomedia Inc.
    Intersil Corporation
    Kadokawa Holdings Inc.
    Kaleidescape, Inc.
    Kitano Co., Ltd.
    Konica Minolta Opto Inc.
    Laser Pacific Media Corp.
    Lauda Co. Ltd.
    Lead Data Inc.
    Linn Products Ltd.
    LINTEC Corporation
    M2 Engineering AB
    MainConcept AG
    Mitsumi Electric Co., Ltd.
    Must Technology Co., Ltd.
    MX Entertainment
    Netflix Inc.
    Newtech Infosystems Inc.
    Nichia Corporation
    Nikkatsu Corporation
    NTT Electronics Corporation
    nVidia Corporation
    OC Oerlikon Balzer AG
    Omnibus Japan Inc.
    Onkyo Corporation
    Online Media Technologies Ltd.
    Ono Sokki Co., Ltd.
    OPT Corporation
    Orbit Corp.
    Origin Electric Co., Ltd.
    Osmosys SA
    Pinnacle Systems
    PoINT Software & Systems GmbH
    Pony Canyon Enterprise
    Primera Technology, Inc.
    Quanta Storage Inc.
    Realtek Semiconductor Corp.
    Rimage Corporation
    Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.
    Dr. Schwab Inspection Technology GmbH
    Shinano Kenshi Co. Ltd.
    Singulus Technologies
    Sumitomo Bakelite
    Tao Group Limited
    Targray Technology International Inc.
    TEAC Corporation
    Teijin Chemicals Ltd.
    THX Ltd.
    Toei Video Company Ltd.
    Toho Company, Ltd.
    Toppan Printing Co., Ltd.
    TOPTICA Photonics AG
    Trailer Park
    UmeDisc Ltd.
    Vivendi Universal Games
    Yamaha Corporation
    Yokogawa Electric Corporation
    1K Studios, LLC

    I like Apple to expand on the idea of a more powerful iMac graphically and get both Nvidia and AMD/ATI companies to start releasing full Mac driver support for every current card that is available on the market for MacPro. That way Mac users can just get whatever card they choose and don’t need to wait. I like the idea of Apple finding a way to create a dual graphic card iMac. I believe that there are plenty of niche graphic markets for both consumer and professional that could use a small powerful client side graphics machine that doesn’t require all the internal expansion and the hardware bulk (external expansion like Firewire, Wi-Fi, Gigabit ethernet are find for client side storage access- and the whole computer can fit nicely on my desk too.)

    Apple’s continual dominance in mobile electronics. From Notebooks to music/video players to smart phones to perhaps maybe even a surprise tablet Mac. This is probably going to be the easiest most predictable category for the 2007 calender year

  14. I couldn’t have said it better, and I totattly agree with “Apple is gunning for Palm, Blackberry, and every other Smartphone manufacturer out there”

    The apple smartphone will be the best smartphone out there!

  15. I think the phone will be called, Ipod Talk, or Ipod something. Macphone doesnt seem right.. Would have been Iphone if it wasnt for that other company owning the name…

  16. 1) Expanding the Mac Brand
    Possible..but I am not convinced that iPhone will happen next year.
    2) The “true” Video iPod…Finally
    One of the safest predictions, really.
    3) The Next Generation of iMac…featuring Blu-ray
    The drive is still too expensive and so are the blank discs and if Apple is smart, they’ll sit on the fence until a winner of the high definition war can be declared.
    4) Palm CEO Ed Colligan will eat his words
    Someday, but probably not next year
    5) OSX and Windows, working together at last
    A safe prediction, but it may not include parallels, keep in mind that Apple has the right to use the Windows XP APIs as they see fit in accordance with the Apple-Microsoft technology exchange agreement running 1997-2001, so they could impliment XP right into MacOS X, no Windows required.

  17. As someone once said, watch what format the porn industry rallies behind, blu ray or hddvd and thats the one that will win

  18. 5) OSX and Windows, working together at last

    This is the only reason I bought a Mac.

    As a Web Dev this is invaluable to me and many of my colleagues who now too are switching. Both OS’s have their pluses and minus, but now with the ability to comfortably switch from OS to OS when ever you want, this really appeals to may “Windows” people. Its great for developers and pure convenience. If its not parallels then BootCamp, but either way its a great idea and I look forward to seeing more of it!

    Former “Microsoft Die-hard”.

  19. Apple is in the business of selling digital video over the internet no? Apple is not in the business of selling physical dvd moovies, correct? Why not reduce competition from brick and mortar retail by shipping a machine with no optical drive at all.

    As for built in Windows app support:
    Microsoft can play this game too no? They hire a few hackers to make Final Cut pro (and whatever other killer apps apple has {itunes already runs on windows yes?}) work on windows, and BAM! Digital Video professionals ditch apple for Gateway, Dell, etc.

  20. “I didn’t say that the Mac market share will increase, although I believe that will happen as well…what I said was the Apple will name more products “Mac” products…such as the phone.”

    I agree. I think that Apple will try to move away from the “i” to “Mac” to get people to think that Macs are computers, phones, and i/macpods. People would associate the devices with Mac computers and be more likely to run out and buy the computer. macpod… it rolls off the tongue.. hmmm…. It does seem like Apple/Jobs is still bent on selling computers. They could own 80% of all other markets and would still be trying to attack the computer market..

  21. About windows and mac-osx programs running together: I’ve tried the new leopard release, and it does have Parallels support built in for when you install it, and you can run programs of windows in a window like using Wine.

  22. I hope that one about Parallels is true!
    Can’t give any extra thought to any of the other ones, but that last one really would make a diference.
    I’m thinking of getting a Macbook pro some time next year and that little thing really would make the deal complete.

  23. Mac will kill the others in the smartphone market IF they integrate the iPod with their smartphone and kill the regular iPod. It seems that every time someone buys an iPod, they just have to get the newest one. People keep buying the newer iPods all the time. If the newest iPod also happens to be a really great smartphone, they’ll have bought that and have no reason to buy a new smartphone, cell phone, or PDA; they’ll already have that plus the iPod in one design. This is how Apple can kill others at the smartphone market; by building on a brand that’s already dominating its own market.

  24. “giving us the first OS in history (to my knowledge anyway) that will allow us to seamlessly run our Windows, Mac, and even Linux programs from the same desktop”

    ….lots of Linux apps already do run from the same desktop; X11! But yes, it would be nice to see this tweaked to cater for simple stuff like copy/paste, or maybe somehow abstract the menus from X11 apps to the OS X menubar.

    [ot] In an experiment recently, I managed to get MSIE6 running on my OS X desktop, via X11, SSH X forwarding, and Wine. Very handy. Requires a linux box floating around though!

  25. These are certainly good technical predictions in the way of Apple, but before I could comment on any of that – I ultimately have to see what comes of the story that broke yesterday concerning Jobs’ mishandling of his stock options. Granted, even if he is completely vindicated as a fraudulent CEO, Apple will go on, but the public may not forgive the company for it. Yesterday Apple’s stock was all over the place, but managed to not finish badly. Apple has become a company that mroe and more people have their faith within, like Google, and this certainly could affect more than one of the good predictions in 2007.

  26. @Fatty —

    A Mac with no optical drive will not happen in the foreseeable future. Too much software is still distributed on CD and DVD (including OS X itself).

  27. Its very easy to say something like “Vista…who?”, however, to all the Windows bashers out there I am curious as to how you would handle a large scale deployment in a coporate environment. Does Apple truly offer a worthy alternative to Group Policy, SMS, and other mechanisms for controlling and managing laptops and workstations?

    As far as ruling the smartphone market – the single biggest driver here in my opinion is Exchange integration which is handled natively by Windows phones or via a conduit such as the Blackberry BES. Most people you see with Windows Smartphones or Blackberrys are corporate folks. How would Apple compete with this?

    I like Apple as much as the next guy and happily use one in my home environment, however, corporate acceptance is a big factor with more and more folks bringing their work home with them…

  28. “Symbian OS is just a face on top of a linux system.. why couldn’t mobile OS X be the same thing?”

    Symbian has nothing to do with Linux what so ever.

  29. #1: Apple will pull their heads out of their asses and bring back the PowerPC! #2: Windows integration? who the f**k needs/wants that?! #3: Opensource everything! #4: Will realize there is no room for computers in a post-apocalyptic war zone, and will concentrate all energies to improving the typewriter…

  30. When the IPod can browse the web through 802.11 AND do everything it can currently do, then I’ll consider getting one…

  31. Well, Macs better get Blu-Ray 😛 It’s the future. I would be very sad if i had to get 30 GB Storage when i can do 50GB right away on my backups. So we need Blu-Ray drives. Dell also included Blu-Ray drives in some top pc’s now. I see no need to support a smaller player like Toshiba with their own format. Let em die with it 🙂

  32. Steve Jobs has always stated publicly that most windows apps were poor. Why would you want to run them? Adding too much windows infrastructure invites tens of thousands of viruses/trojans/etc. If Apple wrote their own apps (Pages is weak, keynote eh.) and made them great and continued on OSX integration, who needs MS Office? Most windoze apps write in doc format. Pages does. So do most PC-Unix (Trovalds gets too much credit) word processors. Apple needs a seriously awesome Office Suite, greater user control from a central server, and they could finally punch their way into the business world.

    I’m voting for Blu-Ray.

    How far is 802.11n?

    What I want more than anything (never happen though) is to be able to upgrade my existing G5 Dual PPC cpu system without a complete replacement. But that’s an old wish that died on our wish lists long long ago. I can always extend the life of my PC’s with a few parts replaced. That’s why they have such staying power in my world.

    I definitly think the brand will expand in the new year but not like wildfire until they can make a serious attempt at dethroning MS Office.


  33. So Windows apps in OS X. OS X on x86. All in all it means making the Mac product line some fancy extra that you start on your Windows PC when you show it to your friends (bought a PC from a company called Apple, which has a great music player demo)…

    The idea of integrating windows (the mainstream os) into a technically superior environment is old. See OS/2, with WinOS/2 and the DOS-VM. The result was that IBM spent their money in supporting Windows- and DOS-apps to run in OS/2 instead of spending the money in native apps. And of course, the most recent Windows- and DOS apps always had problems on OS/2, so people became disappointed (why does superior OS mean old applications…).

    IMHO, if Apple is spending too much energy in making windows apps run on Macs, they will only loose their audience. The key in Macs is that they are relyable for multimedia work, rather clean and safe, foolproof and you do not have to read windows magazines to use them. If I get the media-mess from the windows world (btw, I would really like to get proper color management on the windows-pc I use in office at the moment), add a risk for viruses and troyans, add some tweaks and advanced compatibility modes for all kind of windows-os, and spend my time reading articles on how to keep my windows app running on the mac after applying MS’ latest service pack… they I have wasted my budget and a nice OS.

    So I hope Apple keeps in mind what they have, what they can provide, and who can use their products. So far for the windows-on-mac hype.

    BTW, to make Windows and Macs work together, simply use applications the support open standards. Than you can add other OSs to your list of options, too.

  34. Wow… Apple providing yet another way of pirating Windows. Or are you honestly going to claim that all the Windows installs on Intel Macs are legit?

  35. I see the ‘future Mac’s’ all going quad-core processors with something avalable to run other OS’s inside it fully. Just give them a little time.

  36. HOLLYWOOD – April, 2007 – Blu-ray Disc has become the first high definition format to sell more than one million discs, a milestone it has achieved in less than a year. Blu-ray Disc sales also accounted for 70 percent of the high-definition movies sold during the first quarter of 2007, according to sales figures published today by Home Media Research.

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