Sony Offers Extended Service Plans. Should Apple Be Scared?

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I stumbled upon the Sony Styles website just the other day when I saw the news about their release of the Sony Vaio X.

The first glimpse of the Sony Vaio X made me think of Apple’s MacBook Air. Similarly sleek and thin design and an awfully similar keyboard design! In fact, there’s an image there that made me do a double take since I thought Apple released a gold version of the the MacBook Air! I kid you not!

So there I was clicking thru the Sony Style website and I saw Sony’s announcement about their extended service plan.

Hmm, smells like an Apple move for me. Apple Care, is that you?

So I decided to check Sony Extended Service Plan, and I must say, I’m pretty impressed. They offer an extended warranty to up to 5 years. That’s 2 more years compared to Apple’s ACPP (Apple Care Protection Plan).

Most manufacturers nowadays seem to be copying Apple’s designs, and the only thing that’s keeping Apple apart from other products is their OS.

With Sony offering an extended warranty plan, I am quite sure that other manufacturer’s will be offering the same thing as well in the near future. If that happens, should Apple be threatened?