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You spend 1/3 of your life asleep. If you’re curious about what goes on during that time – you might want to check out this interesting application I stumbled upon – Dream Recorder.

The application is a sleep monitoring program that detects body movement with professional night vision tracking for iSight cameras. If you’re obsessed with your sleep habits, Dream Recorder can help you track it in ways you didn’t even know were possible.

Full sleep monitoring with night vision, no wires, no long preparation. Just use your mac and your iSight.

Control your nights with accurate statistics, including night time, recovery and dream periods. Ideal for sportsmen.

Wake-up naturally at the end of a sleep cycle and experience mornings full of energy.

Snoring detection system with integrated anti-snoring whistles.
A must.

Sounds while you dream… are sounds influencing dreams ? Well, try the waterfall ambiance 🙂

Play relaxation music or your favorite lullaby for a pieceful bed time. Dream Recorder will take care.

Full iTunes integration for importing your own sounds for relaxation, waking-up or dream feedback.

Voice controlled snooze. Growl and the chime stops ringing. Be friend again with your alarm clock.

Voice controlled notepad for your dreams. Just speak and your voice is recorded. Annotate them next day.

Make a quicktime movie of your night with time stamping. What happens during the third of your life ?

Now, personally, I don’t think this is something that I’m going to be spending a lot of time doing – but if you’re fascinated with the subject, you may want to click here to give it a try.

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3 thoughts on “Software Spotlight: Dream Recorder

  1. that has to be one of the most interesting ideas i’ve ever seen for a software. i can’t imagine that it all works terribly well (“professional nightvision” with an isight? i mean… i’m happy to get a halfway decent image at daylight) but it does sound quite cool.

  2. Very interesting Michael. Very interesting indeed. But that means you need to have a mac running in your bedroom all night. That is worth a second thought.

  3. right, so i tried this last night out of pure curiosity, and the results were underwhelming to say the least. i now have:

    – a couple of completely black snapshots (since i tend to sleep in the dark, duh)
    – a number of “sound recordings” which are all of identical length and sound exactly alike (some sort of mechanical beeping that i can neither identify nor have ever heard before; and the first two recordings were supposeldy done while i was still awake)
    – a five-second video clip showing 4 seconds of darkness and one second of me getting up
    – a list of the points in time at night where i have supposedly been snoring

    so, after using this for one night, i can safely say that unless you sleep extremely close to your mac and leave some sort of light on all night, this app is not worth the download and certainly not the price. neat idea, looks kinda nice, is of no use at all.

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