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In the hunt for the perfect iPad case, I’ve come across a lot of different options. These cases tend to fall into the same categories as the iPhone does, with hard shells, silicone cases, sleeves and bags being the most prevalent. Incase has introduced four iPad cases, and they fall into three of those categories, which gives you several options. Just as the iPad was introduced, I contacted incase, and they sent us over one of their Grip Protective Covers for us to review, free of charge. Once I finally got my hands on an iPad, I got to work testing it out.

This case is similar to many silicone iPhone cases in that it provides a texture to a mostly slick object. It’s stretchy, so it conforms to the device itself without any adhesive or clips. But what makes this case different from others are two things: The inserts, and the stand.

The case has two bumps that run the width of the iPad when its standing vertical. These bumps not only set the case off of the work surface by approximately 1/4-inch, but they also provide a good way to hold the iPad. Because of the iPad’s thin design, you don’t really have a way to curl your hands around it without holding them closed fairly tight. These bumps give your hands something more comfortable to hold on to, and help to make the iPad feel natural. They also give you a pivot point to prop up the iPad, so if you need to do some typing, shove something underneath one of the bumps and the whole thing angles up nicely.

The stand included is pretty simple, but it gets the job done. It’s a flat piece of plastic, a little longer than the iPad is high, and it has two notches in it to hold the iPad steady. Although this is a convenient feature, I can’t help but feel like it’s not very stable, and sometimes I felt like my iPad would tip forward in it, towards the glass. I did leave it on the stand for a period of time, however, and it worked out alright. It’s just one of those things I would be cautious about using.

Overall, it doesn’t have that greasy feel that lots of silicone products have, and it feels nice to hold in your hands for the most part. The slots are all clear and easy to access, so there’s no reason to worry about whether or not you can still plug in your headphones or something similar. I see this as being a good case to use for day-to-day use, then for extra protection when thrown into a bag for trips.

So what are the drawbacks? Like any silicone product, it has a tendency to peel off and flex. So when you hold up the iPad vertically, you can easily peel the case off of the sides of the iPad while you’re holding it. It flexes a lot ultimately, and more in the long sides of the iPad, as opposed to the shorter edges. I’m sure that’s just the nature of the design, but it does feel a bit awkward at times. The other issue is the color selections: Purple and black. I’m a colorful guy, but purple just isn’t my thing. At the same time, black is a bit boring. It would be nice to see a red or orange in there, something to break it up. It’s also not inexpensive. At $39.95, it’s the same price as some bags, and that can be a drawback to some.

Every case has its good and bad sides, but overall, this one leans towards the good – if only marginally. I’ve never been a huge fan on silicone cases, but I have friends who swear by them. If you’re one of those people, then I say this is a must buy. And frankly, even if you’re not, it is a good way to protect the finish on your iPad without getting too nutty on pricing.

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