Perian Quicktime plugin releases version 1.1.1

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Perian, which is a free – open source – Quicktime plugin that enables support for additional media types, has released update 1.1.1 with the following fixes and features.

*H.264 in AVI fixed
*Some anamorphic AVI files are now supported
*Performance problems due to PIC fixed with Xcode 3.1
*Incorrect frame skipping on H.264 intra frames fixed
*Better character set detection
*The update checker is now much more polite
*Several parsing and rendering bugs with subtitles fixed
*Player freezing while loading subtitles with embedded fonts fixed
*Audio fixed for some older MKV files with AAC/FLAC
*Strange values in MKV chapters or video sizes are handled better
*Initial support for SAMI subtitles added
*Worked around a QuickTime bug (#5770288) causing frames to be lost during export
*New codecs: DosBox ZMBV, VP6+Alpha, Nellymoser ASAO

*Crashing on PPC G3 fixed
*Fraps decoding artifacts fixed

You can get it for free by clicking right here.

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