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MobileMe is a lot like my Uncle Norman. I never see or think about him, until that one time of year when he sends me a birthday card, or someone opens up a scrap book from when I was three and there’s a picture of him right next to that one of me with diaper rash in a green bathtub. OK, so maybe it’s not exactly like old Norman, but it is a bit of an odd duck that’s never really took off. I bought into it because I wanted to seamlessly sync my iPhone with my MacBook Pro and iMac, and that’s exactly what I got – after a few months of screwing up everything. Now it’s pretty seamless, and I really don’t worry about it much. Plus, I know it’s there for me if I ever lose my iPhone or need a file.

Now Apple has updated the MobileMe website,, for Mobile Safari. Now when you check it out on the iPod Touch or iPhone, it’s got access to Find My iPhone, and two quick install links for MobileMe Apps Gallery [iTunes link] and iDisk [iTunes link]. Ironically enough, I’m not sure how much held Find My iPhone would be if you don’t have your iPhone to use Mobile Safari, but who am I to judge.

So now, on those once-a-year occasions when I do visit, now I have something different to look at. Neat.

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One thought on “ Updated for Mobile Safari

  1. OMG why don’t you see the value here…now days everyone I see has an iphone and the ability to use find my iphone out in the real world and not have to search for a laptop or desktop to start you search is amazing

    now if you are out and misplace your iphone all you have to do is ask ur friend or even a stranger to use their phone to find yours…because you are able to log into your account and immediately search for where you phone is…

    I think it should have been available from jump…finally in an emergency you have a way to “Find My iPhone”

    there is the why this is a good thing

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