Mac Share of Surfers DOUBLES in 8 Months…

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Mac sales are up, and as a result, people surfing the web on Macs are up too. According to a ComputerWorld article Mac shares of web surfers have doubled in the last 8 months. That’s huge news.

From the article:

“For the first time since 1999, when we started tracking, the Mac has really made a major push,” said Johnston. Since August, the percentage of online Macs running Apple’s operating system has climbed from the long-flat 3% to 5.6%, he said. Net Applications data, which splits the Mac’s share between computers running the PowerPC version of Mac OS and those with an Intel edition of the operating system, pegged the total share at 6.2% for April.

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2 thoughts on “Mac Share of Surfers DOUBLES in 8 Months…

  1. Damn right, in those 8 months, I’ve converted 15 people who have never owned a Mac to buy one, including myself. 2006 was the year to switch, and 07, and 08, and 09 ect 🙂

  2. I just purchased my first Mac, on a whim. Vista was the last straw for me…

    You see, I am an IT guy. I run an IT department for a government agency in Ohio. I have been using computers for about 28 years since the first home computers made their way onto the marketplace.

    The majority of my experience has been on the x86 platform. For years, I have scoffed at Mac users. I guess I never realized what I was missing.

    As I sit here and type on my new Mac, I can’t help thinking what a nice OS this is. After about 12 hours of mucking around, I have finally figured out most of the simple keyboard shorcuts and tricks.

    I think I finally know why Microsoft has made Vista look and act so much like a Mac… because this think is pretty cool. Maybe one day MS will get their OS to mimic the Max 100%.

    Until then, I’m glad I bought the real deal. Now, off to replace the kids PCs with Macs, too.

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