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Expect an indepth look at everything that happened at the Keynote this evening from Apple Gazette.

  • That’s it.
  • Special treat today – John Mayer comes out to perform live
  • Round of applause. Thanks developers. Thanks families.
  • Today they have added Apple TV and iPhone to the family of Mac and iPod so from today forward they are dropping Computer from the company name…now it’s just Apple, Inc.
  • 1% of that market is 10 million phones
  • Ok..we’re back…phone market is HUGE…mobile phones 957m sold worldwide
  • Back to Steve – he starts to look at the market – his clicker dies
  • iPhone owners will be Cingular and AT&T customers
  • Multi-year exclusive partnership with Apple and Cingular.
  • Cingular CEO is tooting his own horn…Cingular rules…all of that stuff…
  • Phone will require a 2 year contract
  • Europe by 4Cal this year
  • Asia by 08
  • Pruchase at Apple or Cingular Stores
  • Cingular is the exclusive partner in the US.
  • Shipping in June (crowd is very sad…as am I)
  • 8GB model – $599
  • 4GB model – $499
  • Adding an ipod would be another $199….
  • “What should we charge?”
  • smartphones are around $199 – $299 – $399
    around $299 with 2 year contract
    that’s expensive if you buy and ipod too… (from macrumors)
  • Over 200 patents in it…But what does it cost?
  • Battery life – 5 hours – 16 hours for just audio
  • Accessories for iPhone – looks like ear buds with a mic attached. Bluetooth headset that looks like a pen cap
  • Jobs compares the iPhone to other phones (Blackberry, etc) asks how this stands up to them…crowd laughs.
  • ends call…music fades back in.
  • Phil Schiller is calling. Jobs adds him to the address book. Phil needs a picture emailed to him. Jobs gets the picture from iPhoto and emails it to him while he’s on the phone with him!!!!!
  • Jobs thanks them…listens to music on the phone, a call comes in and the music fades away
  • Jerry Yang, co-founder and Chief Yahoo on stage – yahoo mail, maps, and search also built into the phone. Both guys seem to want to get in bed with Apple REAL bad.
  • Google search and Google maps built into the phone
  • (Google CEO) Eric: “I’ve had the privilege of joining the board and there’s a lot of relationships… if we merge the companies we can call it Applegoo — but I’m not a marketing guy. You can actually merge without merging. Each company should do the absolutely best thing they can do every time, and he’s shown it today.” (from Engadget)
  • Google CEO on stage now…
  • “Internet in your pocket”
  • pinch zoom on the maps
  • Uses google maps…prank calls a Starbucks…it supports satellite images.
  • “This is a revolution of the first order”
  • Demoing full web browsing. Browses through Amazon.
  • Demoing email. Works just like email on the desktop.
  • Use Google maps, iPhone parses out phone numbers, just touch and you can call the place
  • Today we are announcing Yahoo will offer free push-IMAP email to iPhone customers. This isn’t just IMAP, this is push-email, same as a BlackBerry
  • Connects with EDGE and Wi Fi seamlessly
  • Real breakthroughs here…rich HTML emails on the phone, works with any IMAMP or POP3 email service, runs full SAFARI – the first FULL browser on a phone
  • Now…Internet Communication Device
  • Apple has completely reinvented the phone.
  • You can zoom into pictures by pinching your fingers together, then expanding them.
  • Demoing Photos. Set any photo as your wallpaper.
  • Hold multiple SMS converstations. Uses on screen QWERTY keyboard.
  • Call by simply pushing the phone number. Conference call with 3 users, make a list of favorites, touch once and call you can dial if you want to.
  • Killer App is making calls. go directly to the voice mail you want to hear with visual voicemail.
  • iPhone is a quad-band GSM + EDGE phone. WiFi and Bluetooth 2.0
  • This this is BEAUTIFUL. Very slick onscreen displays.
  • Widescreen or Pan and scan…touchscreen overlays.
  • Demos turning it sideways and it goes to CoverFlow.
  • Demos iPhone. Selects a BEATLES track. Very slick interface.
  • dsc_0184.jpgimage from Engadget
  • “Let’s turn it on” CINGULAR.
  • 2 megapixel camera built in.. A headset jack, 3.5mm, SIM tray, and a sleep-wake switch. bottom…a speaker, mic input, and an iPod connector.
  • 3.5-inch screen, highest resolution screen we’ve ever shipped, 160ppi…thinner than any smartphone. 11.6mm, thinner than the Q and the BlackJack
  • iPhone RUNS OS X!!!!!!
  • Apple introduced the mouse, the click wheel, and now Multi-Touch
  • The problem with smartphones is the bottom 40%. The keyboard can’t change. So no keyboard. Make it completely touch screen. No stylus. We’re going to use our fingers.
  • A revolutionary UI, the result of years of development
  • Today we’re going to reinvent the phone. Making a leapfrog product. More than a smartphone..easier to use.
  • “Today we’re introducing THREE revolutionary devices…a widescreen ipod with touch controls, a MOBILE PHONE, and breakthrough internet communications device…”An iPod, a phone, an internet mobile communicator. An iPod, a phone, an internet mobile communicator…. these are NOT three separate devices!””And we are calling it iPhone!
  • “This is a day I’ve been looking forward to for two and a half years. Every once in a while a revolutionary product comes along that changes everything. One is very fortunate if you get to work on just one of these in your career. Apple has been very fortunate that it’s been able to introduce a few of these into the world. In 1984 we introduced the Macintosh. It didn’t just change Apple, it changed the whole industry.”
  • Comes out in Feb. $299 – taking orders starting today.
  • Demos connecting to other computers. “That’s Apple TV”
  • Demos Photos on Apple TV. Very slick looking stuff all around.
  • Demos Music playing on Apple TV
  • Demos TV shows
  • Shows off Apple TV working with Movies, streaming trailers directly from – says “Ok, that’s movies” and moves on to TV.
  • Just like in iTunes you can take the 10 most recent unwatched shows/movies and stream them in the background to your Apple TV so they’re there when you want to watch them. Works with PC or Mac, and you can watch the video on other computers in the house as well.
  • Goes over Apple TV specs. 720p, 40 gig hard drive, 802.11 b/g/n and Intel processor. Auto sync content from your PC on up to 5 computers.
  • “Now I’d like to talk about a product we introduce in September. It’s called Apple TV”
  • Shows new iPod ads
  • Talks about Zune. Says they had 2% market share in Nov. Graphic shows Zune logo on fire.
  • Announces NEW MOVIE PARTNER – PARAMOUNT – moving up to 250 movies offered on iTunes
  • Sold over 50 million TV shows, 1.3 million movies on iTunes
  • iPod is worlds most popular video player, nano most popular music player. iTunes sales are up to 5 million songs a day. Over 2 BILLION sold. Apple now sells more music than Amazon and is the 4th largest music seller.
  • New Hodgman/Long ad: Hodgman getting ready for major surgery to upgrade to Vista
  • Half of new Mac Users are switchers
  • A Year ago we made the switch to Intel a huge heart transplant. Teams cranked out a new intel Mac every month.
  • Steve is on stage. “We’re going to make some history today”.
  • 9:15 am Ok…here we go ….
  • 9:14 am James Brown is playing now.
  • 9:13 am Crowd is going nuts, Sheryl Crow is playing in the background
  • Be easy on the refreshing guys we’re getting killed here
  • 9:06 People are still filing in.
  • 8:59 am – Everyone is being let in now, so there shouldn’t be too much of a delay.
  • 8:56 am – Most of the thousands of people in line have not yet been let in to the auditorium. It doesn’t look like we’re going to be starting on time.
  • 8:52 am – Less than 10 minutes to go! Just a reminder, the Keynote is scheduled for 2 hours today.
  • 8:44 am – Thanks for joining us for the Macworld Keynote. We’ll be updating as much as humanly possible, and you will need to refresh the page manually (we’ve got a strong server, but please be gentle). People are filing in now and taking their seats.
  • 8:41 am – We’re set up, the Apple Store is offline and the show starts soon
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