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21 Last-Minute Apple Gifts for 2021

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Christmas is coming, Christmas is coming! Like Paul Revere, the entire world has conspired to remind you that you need to get gifts. But lo, you’ve forgotten someone! If that someone is an Apple fan, take a look at the Apple gifts below for some last-minute inspiration.

Practical iPhone Case

I drop my phone literally every day. If I didn’t have a decent case, I would not be the kind of person who could own an iPhone. If you’ve got a clumsy friend, get them a high-quality case that’ll protect their device from dings and scratches. Better yet, get one that’s versatile — say, one that comes with a card case. Here’s a good option for the iPhone 12 and one for the iPhone 13.

Impractical iPhone Case

Don’t like the cases above? Hey, if you’re bored, then you’re boring. Perhaps you’d prefer a fuzzy case that’s cute and fluffy? Or one that’s sparkly and bright? There are also cases that will reflect your love for animal print.

AirPods Case Cover

Gone are the days when you have to fumble through your headphone wire. With the emergence of AirPods, everything is now wireless. Because the case is prone to scratches, you might want a cover to protect it. For the ultimate protection, you can go for the rugged style for your AirPods or a simple, basic look for your AirPods Pro.

MacBook Air/Pro Sleeve

Slim and lightweight, this is the perfect basic sleeve that you can get for your MacBook Air or Pro. It features a polyester foam padding layer as well as a fluffy fleece fabric lining to protect your device from bumps and shocks.

iPhone Holder

This aluminum iPhone holder allows for different viewing angles. No more straining your neck trying to watch videos on your iPhone while it lays flat on the table.

MacOS Shortcuts Decal

It’s almost impossible to memorize all the shortcuts that you can do on your MacBook. If you’re tired of constantly searching for what the shortcut is for record screen or re-open closed tab, get a decal that’ll remind you of them. It’s like a cheat sheet for macOS shortcuts!

Apple Charging Station

Got all the essential Apple devices? Get an Apple Charging Station where you can place and charge all of them together. Finally, a way to be organized with all your Apple products.

Gooseneck iPhone Holder

If a small, sitting iPhone holder is not enough, maybe a Gooseneck iPhone Holder will do the trick. This one allows you to watch videos while keeping your hands busy.

Iconic: A Photographic Tribute to Apple Innovation

apple gifts

Iconic is not the most recent book featuring glamour shots of Apple hardware, but it is the original. In particular, it features some nice shots of Apple’s older hardware, making it a great gift for the OG Apple fan in your life.

Apple Logo T-Shirt

Classic. Keep it simple with this t-shirt.

iWoz: Computer Geek to Cult Icon

apple gifts

Steve Wozniak is certainly the lesser-known of the two Apple founders, but Apple fans know his fascinating autobiography will still be worth the read.

Steve Jobs By Walter Isaacson

apple gifts

Steve was truly one of the visionary inventors of our time. This touching and lengthy biography by Walter Isaacson captures the brilliant — if difficult — genius behind Apple’s rise to fame.

MacBook Pro Keyboard Cover

As covered previously, I am an enormous klutz who should not be allowed to own expensive electronics. This means I have to practically shrink-wrap everything I own to avoid ruining it with spilled seltzer. This keyboard cover has saved my bacon more than I would like to admit.

Apple Watch Band

First-party replacement bands for the Apple Watch range from “slightly expensive” to “outrageously overpriced.” Give your friend the gift of a more flexible style with a third-party replacement band for their Apple Watch. For a feminine look, I’d recommend this band, but if your buddy prefers the rugged style, this is the way to go.

iPad Bed Mount Monstrosity

apple gifts ipad mount

This made-for-infomercials fever dream might actually be half-genius. Think about it: The iPad is the perfect vehicle for Netflix while the bed is the perfect place for watching it. But holding an iPad in bed? There has to be a better way! Is this half-spider abomination the solution? You decide.

Magsafe Charger

Starting from the iPhone 11 Series, Apple has stopped including chargers, charging cables, and earphones in the box. So if someone is a new user, they’ll be forced to purchase a separate charger and accessories. As a good friend, you might want to save them the trouble (and the cash) by gifting them a Magsafe charger.

Apple Gift Cards

The last refugee of the hard-core gift-giving procrastinator, iTunes gift cards are always an option. Your friends can use it to stream Apple Music, Apple TV, and many more. Just don’t expect any nominations for sainthood.

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First published in 2016; updated 2021

Kossi Adzo

Kossi Adzo

Kossi Adzo is a technology enthusiast and digital strategist with a fervent passion for Apple products and the innovative technologies that orbit them. With a background in computer science and a decade of experience in app development and digital marketing, Kossi brings a wealth of knowledge and a unique perspective to the Apple Gazette team.

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