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The office here at Apple Gazette gets a whole ton of cool stuff, and every so often, we get something dropped off by the UPS guy that we get to show off to you guys and gals, our readers. This is one such product.

It’s named the idox, and on first glance, it looks a little bit like a huge business card holder. When closed, the dock is just a little bit bigger than an iPhone, with a silver sheen and a rubber tag with the product name in the middle. When it’s unfolded, the silver part flips back and reveals a space where an iPhone mounts – which is exactly what it does. You put your iPhone in the idox, and it holds it up at a 35-degree angle, ready for easy viewing.

And that’s it. There’s no fancy features to talk about, no reason to open up a discussion about the merits of custom iPhone parts. It’s a way to hold your iPhone in place without using your hands.

So what’s the point? Well for me, I get it. I travel, and one of my favorite apps to use on the road is Night Stand, a portable clock radio that works really well as an alarm. With the idox, I could place the iPhone in the stand, and use that instead of trying to figure out a way to prop up my iPhone with a sock and a hotel pen.

But if I’ve got one complaint, it’s the price. At $34.95, it’s a bit steep for a piece of plastic that has no purpose other than being a stand, but if I travelled more often, I’d definitely consider the purchase. Of course, if you don’t have an iPhone 3GS, they have idox for the Nano and original iPhone. If you’ve got the scratch and this is the product you’ve been looking for, then have at it.


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