ICEWEAR case released for iPhone

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I haven’t had a lot of need for an iPhone case as of yet. The screen hasn’t got a scratch on it yet, and I like having as little bulk around the phone as possible, but I like this new case from Tunewear. It’s called ICEWEAR and is available for $29.95.

The thing I like about the case, is that its a high density plastic, and will do a good job of keeping your iPhone safe if you have slippery fingers and drop the thing (I’ve almost done it a few times, and I just know if I do, it’s toast).

You can buy one here.

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2 thoughts on “ICEWEAR case released for iPhone

  1. It’s not even a matter of it being toast. It’s a matter oif spending several hundered dolars and then having it all scratched up. All the iPods I have even owned have looked like the day they came out of the box until the day I sold them on ebay. (I usualyy sell the old one when a new one comes out.) A scratch on an iPod/iPhone is like a dent on a BMW, you just can’t let it happen!

  2. While it is high density plastic, does it do anything to absorb the shock of the fall. If not then it will still transfer the force of the fall to the device so while the fall may not damage the device the force may cause some damage due to not being dampened in anyway. If there is something to dampen the fall then this is a moot point.

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