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How to Clean Your Mac Screen

how to clean your mac screen

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With such an amazing laptop on hand, it’s understandable that you’d want your Mac to always stay clean and look pristine. The screen of your Mac can get pretty dusty and dirty especially if you’re constantly bringing it out and about when you’re working outside. Keeping it clean not only makes your Mac appear brighter but also makes your screen look clearer.

You can’t use just anything to clean the screen of your Mac. Apple warns against using any cleaner that contains acetone, which can destroy the quality of your Mac screen. Most people use window cleaners or household cleaners to clean their Mac screens but Apple also advises against using these. Anything that contains any ammonia or hydrogen peroxide should stay away from the screen of your Mac.

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Abrasive cleaners should also be avoided when wiping your Mac screen clean, as it can scratch the surface of the screen. If your cleaner has a spray container, do not spray directly on your Mac screen. This may cause some of the liquid to slide down inside the display, which may damage the screen of your Mac.

Here are the basic steps of cleaning your Mac screen:

  1. Turn off your Mac. Remove any external devices connected to your display such as the power cord.
  2. Use a clean and soft cloth to wipe the screen. Make sure that it is free of lint.
  3. If your Mac screen still has some dirt on it, dampen the cloth with water then wipe your screen again until it’s clean. You can also use a mild cleaner to clean your screen. Make sure that you don’t get any moisture in the openings.

Best Tools to Clean Your Mac Screen

1. Whoosh Screen Shine

If you frequent Apple stores, you’ll notice that some of them actually use Whoosh Screen Shine to clean the screens of Apple products on display. This goes to show that even they think that this cleaner is the best one to use for your Mac screens. For one, Whoosh Screen Shine is formulated using non-toxic ingredients. It is also odorless – a great feature for people who have a sensitive nose.

This cleaner is also advertised as safe to use for all types of screens. A lot of people can vouch for its effectiveness and cleaning power. In addition, it is also important to use a type of cleaner that you’re sure won’t damage your sensitive Mac screen. Whoosh Screen Shine is definitely worth the buck.

2. Kirkland Signature Premium Microfiber Towel

Aside from the cleaner, another important tool to clean your Mac screen properly is the towel. There are different types of towels depending on the material and not every one of them is suitable to use for your Mac screen. Among the most important factors are the towel’s softness and resistance from lint. This is where the Kirkland Signature Premium Microfiber Towel comes into play.

As the name suggests, this type of towel is made from microfiber. It has the right thickness that soaks up enough liquid cleaning formula. Hence, when you wipe the screen with the towel, it doesn’t just smear your Mac screen but actually works in wiping off dirt. It also doesn’t leave your screen with blotches and streaks, which is a plus.

3. Giottos Rocket Air Blaster

While this isn’t what you’d consider a necessity, having an air blaster is actually an advantage when cleaning lenses, screens, and camera sensors. The Giottos Rocket Air Blaster is a great choice when looking for this type of cleaning tool. It works by giving off a short blast of air on any surface to get rid of tiny particles.

One of the features of this air blaster is that it doesn’t need any external power. Simply squeeze the tool and it’ll give off a blast of air. It no longer requires any freezing compressed aerosol air unlike other air blasters in the market. Plus, you also don’t have to purchase any batteries to power this up.

4. A Bath Towel (or any soft surface)

Last but not the least, get a bath towel or any soft surface that you can use as protection for your Mac. Most people clean their screens vertically. However, it is recommended to do it horizontally. This means that you must place your Macbook on its screen so you can get the best angle for an even clean. The purpose of the bath towel is to protect your Mac from getting any scratches. Simply place your Mac on top of the towel before and during the cleaning process.

With all these tools at hand, you can now rest assured that your Mac screen will remain clear and pristine when you clean it. These cleaning tools are all easily available in stores and online. Among other things, keeping your Mac screen clean is essential to ensure that your Mac stays in tiptop shape.

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