How to Build Your Own LEGO iPad Lightning Connector Dock

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How are you enjoying your iPad Mini? Your iPhone 5?

When the news about the “new” Lightning connector was announced, there were some unhappy responses, understandably. After all, if you have several iDevices, you are comfortable with the convenience of having to use a single charger for everything. Upgrading to the iPhone 5 (or iPad Mini and iPad 4) means having to make some adjustments, thanks to the Lightning connector.

There is always the option of purchasing a Lightning to 30-pin adapter for $29. If, however, you want a dock for that new shiny iPad of yours, you might have a painful task ahead of you. I’ve been searching for iPad Lightning connector docks – though I don’t need one – and it seems to me that the collection is pretty slim. I suppose it’s not a surprise considering that the iDevices that need the Lightning connector are smaller in number compared to those with the 30-pin connector.

Enter the LEGO iPad Lightning connector dock.

Forget looking for any other dock, because this one will do the job – and has the plus of LEGO!

LEGO iPad Lightning Connector Dock 2
LEGO iPad Lightning Connector Dock

As the guys of The Daily Brick say, LEGO is the solution to everything. And I mean everything! So, why not create a LEGO iPad Lightning connector dock? If you are worried about the reliability and stability of the dock, here’s some assurance from brains behind this awesome, practical dock.

The iPad dock is quite similar to our iPhone dock but is a lot stronger and more stable, with about double the amount of parts. The dock has added support at the back to keep the iPad held up and has little rubber bumpers to stop the back of the iPad getting scratched. The back support also reduces wobble so you can use the iPad while it is docked.

After you have built the dock, the cable that comes with the iPad simply clips into place on the Lego clips inside. It is then held firmly in place and won’t move around when you dock or remove the iPad.

LEGO iPad Lightning Connector Dock
LEGO iPad Lightning Connector Dock in Action

How do you get your hands on this?

Head over to The Daily Brick for the free instructions. You only need to get your hands on the LEGO bricks and other parts. If you want it to be even easier, or if you want a single color dock, you can purchase the kit from them for GBP19.95.

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