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Goldtouch Fully Adjustable Mac Keyboard

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gt.jpgIf you spend hours in front of your computer like me, chances are you’re already feeling the stress on your wrists, arms and back because of prolonged keyboard use. It’s even worse when you’re using a laptop and you sit with a wrong posture when typing. If you think your joints deserve better, you should try the Goldtouch fully adjustable keyboard for the Mac.

The Goldtouch Apple Compatible Adjustable Keyboard is claimed to be the first fully adjustable ergonomic keyboard for Macintosh users, and I can’t think of any other ‘board in this category that has ever specifically supported the Mac (although makers of other ergonomic keyboard solutions – say the Kinesis folks – will doubtless dispute Key Ovation’s assertion that “if it isn’t adjustable, it isn’t ergonomic”). However, the Goldtouch keyboard’s signature feature is its adjustability.

The Adjustable Ergonomic Keyboard allows you to configure its two split alphanumeric sections both horizontally and vertically to suit your individual body requirements.

Placing your hands flat on the keys of a keyboard can require considerable muscular effort, which in turn can cause fatigue and discomfort. The Goldtouch keyboard’s two segments can be raised in the center to more closely match the natural alignment of the forearm and wrist.

Being fully adjustable, you can split the keyboard, and swivel the left and right parts to an angle you’re comfortable with. Yes, this includes both horizontal and vertical. The keyboard will lock in place once adjusted, so you won’t have to fiddle with positioning each time you use it. The keyboard includes standard Apple keyboard functions (such as Apple and Option keys, CD eject, and mute and volume control keys). There is no built-in numeric keypad, however–you can purchase this separately.

The keyboard and numeric keypad plug in to your Mac’s USB port. One problem you might encounter is that the keyboard and numeric pad each plug into their own USB ports–better use a USB hub if you connect plenty of USB gadgets.

The Goldtouch keyboard costs US$139 and the numeric keypad $49.95. The bundle (keyboard + keypad) costs $179.95.

Low End Mac has a full review of the Goldtouch keyboard.

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