First the Apple Store is down – now my .Mac Mail won’t work!

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Somebody over at Apple HQ needs to quit randomly pulling plugs.

Earlier today the Apple Store went down for no real reason.

Now, my .Mac Mail won’t work – and there doesn’t seem to be anything I can do about it. Is anyone else having this problem? You know, the Gmail account that I DON’T pay $99 a year for seems to always work fine. This kind of thing is completely unacceptable, and I hope it gets resolved soon.

Update: After almost an hour it appears to be up and running again.

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7 thoughts on “First the Apple Store is down – now my .Mac Mail won’t work!

  1. Big changes, big changes. They must be upgrading severs or something. Maybe upgrading/swapping out switches. That happens at work sometimes when corporate throws IT some cash.

  2. @Rebecca

    Since new stuff comes out on a Tues, it’s exciting to see the store go down on a Monday in preparation. Watch, the whole Mac community will be on the edge of their seats until tomorrow!

  3. My .Mac mail doesn’t work either! I got the trial until sometime in January but still it keeps asking for my password over and over again.

  4. @Michael–you should listen to your own advice from the previous post! 😉

    Usually it IS the free stuff that always works without a hitch….

  5. As noted on MacRumors, the store was down due to updates on shipping deadlines for the holidays, etc. Kind of important if you ask me! So everyone can relax now, and don’t hold your breath waiting for new products until Macworld 08…

  6. I have just renewed my .mac mail account a couple of days ago and then guess what?……….My account went down as well! How can this be allowed to happen???
    I’m using an emergency hotmail account in place of my mac. And guess what …Yes the hotmail is free!!!
    Feel like throwing my macbook outta the window and buying a pc as well! oh yeah and punching Steve Jobs right on the nose!

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