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Twelve South is the company responsible for some pretty cool Mac products, including the popular BackPack for iMac, which we reviewed back in February. Now they’ve got another cool little accessory for your desktop, and this one is for the iPad.

It’s called the BookArc for iPad, and it’s just what it looks like: It’s a steel stand for your iPad. The aluminum-colored arc puts the iPad just a little bit off of the desk or work surface, putting it at a perfect viewing angle for you while you work. It’s also got a little cutout in the middle, allowing you to access the home button at any time without having to remove the iPad.

“But I have a pretty case on my iPad, and I don’t want to take it off.” What’s that you say? Well fortunately, that little plastic insert in the BookArc is reversible and removable, so you can adjust the insert to fit pretty much any case. This looks like it would be perfect for use with a Bluetooth keyboard as well.

I’m a huge fan of docks, and although this doesn’t technically qualify, it’s pretty close. I’d love one on my desk just to match my other aluminum-colored gear. Plus, it matches the BookArc MacBook stand, so if you have both on your desk you can have all sorts of archy goodness. I don’t have my iPad yet, but if I can clear off some space on my desk, I think this accessory is a gimme.

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