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awaken03.jpgEmbraceware released the latest version of Awaken this week. I’ve written about Awaken previously. It’s one of my favorite alarm clock apps.

It’s slick, has a lot of robust features, and at $8.95…how the heck can you go wrong? Do you know of a better way to turn your $2,000 Macbook Pro into a stylish alarm clock.

From the Press Release:

New in Awaken 3.1:
Awaken 3.1 adds the ability to create alarms using over a dozen built in alarm sounds. Previous versions were limited to playing only iTunes playlists.

The alarm playback UI has been completely redesigned and also includes the ability to rate the songs playing at alarm time.

The sleep timer has been updated to include hour and minute options to allow better precision and extended the limits from previous versions. It can also now function as a simple sleep timer for your Mac instead of requiring the playback of iTunes music – opening up the possibilities to use the sleep timer with other applications.

Any type of file can be attached to an alarm and will be launched at alarm time. The file could be anything from an application, URL, script, etc.

Awaken 3.1 also corrects all bugs that were reported from the previous version.

You can download a 14 day free trial of Awaken by clicking here.

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