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Apple Announces New iMacs, MacBooks, Minis, Magic Mouse… Whoop De Doo.

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In case you didn’t quite get it, notice the sarcasm when I said, ‘Whoop de doo’.

It’s like Apple announcements are always TOO hyped up. Honestly. As much as I am an Apple Fan Girl, I can only muster so much enthusiasm about something that’s not so ‘revolutionary’.

For this month’s Apple announcement, they released New iMacs, MacBooks, Minis, Mice and oh, yeah the remote too.

Seriously, how many times does Apple have to reinvent the iMac in a year? They made an announcement about new iMacs early March 2009 this year. After 7 months, there’s a new iMac again! And personally, I think it’s misleading that they say it’s a ‘new’ iMac. I would rather think it’s just an upgraded version, not necessarily ‘new’.

As for the MacBook, as Jayvee of the Blog Herald would say, ‘It’s a fatty!’ I was expecting thinner and sleeker design. The new MacBooks remind me of a shiny, white, slightly thin turtle shell.

I have no comments about the Minis. Poor Minis, always seem to be ignored.

But ah, the Magic Mouse. Now that’s what I’m talking about it. So the Mighty Mouse is now a Magic Mouse. I love the spaceship-y design and ofcourse, the idea of a multi-touch mouse is definitely geek-gasmic. Thank the geek gods they removed the little scroll button. It’s such a pain especially when the ball gets dirty and it doesn’t scroll up or down anymore.

Some people though might find it a bit redundant to own a Mighty Mouse especially if you’re a MacBook or MacBook Pro owner since you already have a multi-touch track pad.

So yeah, new Apple stuff. Hurray.

Lia Espina

Lia Espina

6 thoughts on “Apple Announces New iMacs, MacBooks, Minis, Magic Mouse… Whoop De Doo.

  1. Whoa, skipped coffee this morning? 😉

    The new iMac might not have a redesigned look but the guts are a pretty huge step: 27 inch screen, quad-core i7, LED backlight and you can get it in an 8GB RAM config for $200 more? I’d been waiting for this kind of update for a year now so I for one am pretty darn happy…

    As for the Minis they’ve been given a level of attention we haven’t seen before. Apart from decent hardware updates, positioning them as a small/home business server with a Snow Leopard Server unlimited licence is an interesting shift.

    Now, if they can just give us Aperture 3…

  2. But there is still one question left unanswered. Will the new wireless keyboard work with the iPhone? If not, when can we expect to see a physical keyboard that works with the iPhone? Maybe it’s just me, but that would be an event that would cause me to not yawn.

  3. Huh? The early 2009 iMac was not a case/features update, it was an internals update. Should Apple just make an iMac and leave it as-is for years?

    Also, what hype?! I don’t remember any word from Apple to expect new things this week. There had been a few rumors, but no hype.

    You sound burned out, perhaps you should consider reviewing pottery or something.

  4. I have to agree with Tim. This isn’t just a simple upgrade like the previous iteration. There are major case modifications, wireless keyboard and mouse standard, 27″ iMac with a Core i7, major boosts to the mac mini, and a new MacBook that is almost as good as the low MacBook Pro (a bigger hard drive even). Those are amazing to me.

  5. Ho-hum announcements for me, too. If they’d given us a 10-inch multi-touch tablet, or a gigantass display which you can slot a MacBook into when you’re at the desktop… now that would have been something. As it is… *yawn*

  6. Boy — some of you guys are sure jaded. Hype? What Hype? Just look at the Microsoft Windows 7 launch if you want to see real Hype — and all that with absolutely nothing to Hype about. What did you say — a Dock copied from Mac OS X? Well gee — if they’d given credit to Apple where it was due, then they would be hyping Apple — but then again, hype is the name of the game for Microsoft. But not for Apple, who preannounces absolutely NOTHING!

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