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Air Stash: Wireless Flash Drive For the iPhone

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Air Stash – a flash drive that you can access with Wi-Fi enabled gadgets. Interesting.

I can actually see flash drives and other external storage follow this suit, as being accessible by Wi-Fi is the next best thing for all gadgets in the very near future.

Makes me wonder if USB 3.0 will be short-lived. (thinking aloud)

Anyway, the AirStash uses an SD card to determine how big your AirStash storage capacity will be. If you have a 32GB SD card, great. Just insert your SD into the AirStash and you have a 32GB flash drive that you can access wirelessly.

You can store most multimedia files on the AirStash such as movies, music, photos and documents and easily access them with Wi-Fi enabled gadgets such as the iPhone. The AirStash has a built-in lithium polymer battery that you can charge via USB.

Another great thing about the AirStash is that you can share all its content to multiple users and devices simultaneously. Unlike a typical flash drive, where you can only view it on a single computer. The AirStash uses WPA2 encryption so you won’t have to worry about unknown people accessing the contents.

I’m looking forward to seeing this product in the market. So far it’s not yet available and no official news on its pricing. If you want to know more news about the AirStash, you can follow them on Twitter (@AirStash)or even add them on FaceBook.

Visit: Air Stash

[ Image courtesy of AirStash ]

Lia Espina

Lia Espina

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