AGTV – Should you upgrade to the iPhone 3G?

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About this episode: Should you upgrade to the iPhone 3G?

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Kossi Adzo is a technology enthusiast and digital strategist with a fervent passion for Apple products and the innovative technologies that orbit them. With a background in computer science and a decade of experience in app development and digital marketing, Kossi brings a wealth of knowledge and a unique perspective to the Apple Gazette team.

12 thoughts on “AGTV – Should you upgrade to the iPhone 3G?

  1. In this episode you said that other than the 3G stuff that was talked about, everything else you can get in the 2.0 upgrade. Not sure if you forgot MobileMe already… That doesn’t come with the 2.0 upgrade, you have to pay $99 a year(?) to use it.

  2. @Chris

    Yeah, it costs extra, but you can still get it on your original iPhone – you don’t have to upgrade to the iPhone 3G to use it.


    I’m not disappointed with the battery life at all. I very rarely run into an issue where my battery is dead without a quick way for me to charge it.

  3. If you think that you have it bad, be glad you do not live in Canada. Rogers has told its employees that if they activate a first gen iPhone they will be fired.

    It is looking as if you will need a 3 yr $50 month plan plus a data plan that rumors start at $40 month and go to $300 a month JUST FOR THE DATA!!!! to get the iPhone. These are the rumors as Rogers still has not said anything at all about its plan and all it has said about the iPhone is a press release that was cut and pasted from the Apple press release but two days late.

  4. I thought that if you weren’t in an area that had 3G you could continue with the original $20 per month data plan +200 sms messages until 3G is available.

  5. @Michael

    So far they have said that you can keep the Edge data plan (I mentioned it at about 5:45 into the video) – I don’t know if you’ll be keeping the txt messages or not.

  6. He said that only 40 cities in the US have Edge network. That is very wrong. I travel for my work and I get Edge coverage all over the place in way more cities than 40 he mentioned and they are not major cities to boot!

  7. The number one reason I’m upgrading is the ability to be talking on the phone while using the internet connection. I can’t tell you how may times I was talking to someone via my bluetooth headset and said I’ll look that up only to find I’d have to hang up to use the internet.

  8. @Packard Sonic

    I said that Only 40 cities have 3G. Watch it again. 5:15 seconds. Only 40 cities in the US have 3G, many others have EDGE, and that was the whole point.

  9. Michael,

    What is your pricing source with AT&T. As far as I can see, there’s been no confirmation from either AT&T or Apple on plans for current iPhone users. I’ve heard lots of rumors about billing and have tried to get info from customer service reps at AT&T. They said plans will be announced once it gets closer to July 11th. I’d love to hear your source and a link to back it up.


    And yes… I most likely will be buying the new iPhone.

  10. @Matthew

    My source is At&t. They had a live conference call on Monday June 9th shortly after the iPhone 3G announcement where they disclosed quite a bit to investors. You can listen to an archive of it on Yahoo.

    I called an At&t rep the other day to confirm a question about the amount of time that would have to have lapsed from someone who bought a Blackberry or other subsidized phone before they could purchase an iPhone at $199 – and I had to tell the rep that the 3G iPhone had been announced and that it was coming out on July 11th. They didn’t know any of that…I don’t think they’re being kept up to speed on what’s going on.

  11. If you are to sell your old iphone, at what price would it be worth selling it to get the 3g? lets assume its an 8 gig iphone.

  12. Well it is official Rogers in Canada has announced the pricing for phone and data in Canada.

    iPhone 3G Price Plans at Rogers Wireless

    Sent Incoming
    Text Text Visual
    Price Voice Data Messages messages Voicemail
    $60 / 150 minutes + unlimited 400 MB 75 Unlimited Unlimited
    month Evening and Weekend
    $75 / 300 minutes + unlimited 750 MB 100 Unlimited Unlimited
    month Evening and Weekend
    $100 / 600 minutes + unlimited 1 GB 200 Unlimited Unlimited
    month Evening and Weekend
    $115 / 800 minutes + unlimited 2 GB 300 Unlimited Unlimited
    month Evening and Weekend

    Data Usage – What You Get

    Data Usage Online Applications
    400 MB up to 200,000 text emails or 3,100 web pages or 1,360 photo
    750 MB up to 380,000 text emails or 5,900 web pages or 2,560 photo
    1 GB up to 524,000 text emails or 8,000 web pages or 3,500 photo
    2 GB up to 1,048,000 text emails or 16,000 web pages or 7,000
    photo attachments

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