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8 Awesome Infographics About iPhones

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Do you want to get a quick, effective picture about something? Blog posts and articles can provide you with a lot of information, but they don’t always stick. References slip from memory, and so many people are finding alternative ways to share facts at lightning speed while remaining in the viewer’s mind.

Infographics are one popular way. They are not only great ways to express data in a more colorful and visually stimulating way than a basic chart but they are easy for people to share in a world that is increasingly reliant on social media as a gateway to communication.

When it comes to the iPhone there are a lot of infographics out there, which is understandable, given the popularity of the product. Apple has managed to dominate the market, and users are very loyal to the brand.

Here are eight awesome, well-made infographics in five categories dedicated to the iPhone that will really make you think.


1. The Story So Far

Awesome Infographics About iPhones - 1

Unlike many infographics, this one does not start with the iPhone. Instead, it begins with the real starting point: the Motorola Rokr. The original mobile in the line, it allowed users to put as many as 100 songs from iTunes into memory and carry it around like an MP3 player. The first real gem of its kind, it is responsible for starting off the later models that would become so popular today. From there you see in the picture the increasingly advanced models and how so many features changed, becoming more user-friendly and all inclusive. When placed this way you are able to track the amazing progress that happened in a very short amount of time.

2. iPhone Evolution

Awesome Infographics About iPhones - 2

This is more user-info based. It starts in 2007, with the release of the first iPhone. It points out that it was sold mainly on the screen size and resolution as well as the multitouch screen. Otherwise it was not that feature heavy. But then, in just a year, the second installment in the series was released. By 2008 there were 10,000 available apps and more than 1 million units sold. In 2009 came the 3GS, with improved performance and tens of thousands of available apps that were downloaded an astonishing 2 billion times. Then came Facetime with the iPhone 4. But the real change was in 2011, with 4 million iPhone 4S units sold in a single weekend. You also get a look at available countries, the app download count in 2011 and more.

3. Five Generations of iPhones

Awesome Infographics About iPhones - 3

If you just want a quick look at the specifications of the iPhone models, with a projection of what might be coming with the mysterious iPhone 5 yet to be released, this is perfect. It shows the differences in processor, screen size, connectivity, cameras, Facetime, GPS and more. Based on what we have seen during the past several years, I think it is right on the money with what it assumes we will see with the latest model – especially with the newest in the iPad series to be released around the same time.


4. iPhone 5 Rumors

Awesome Infographics About iPhones - 4

This is perhaps one of the greatest infographics ever created. Using an old-fashioned sketch model, it gives a fascinating view of the rumors circulatiing about the newest Apple creation. For example, the processor has a mouse running on a wheel, and the rumor about 64GB models shows two barrels. But my favorite is the carrots on sticks to represent RAM. It’s creative, well made and fun to read while being informative – perfect.

5. Rumor Roadmap

Awesome Infographics About iPhones - 5

A little bit harder to follow, this infographic is a roadmap explaining the many twists and turns regarding the latest rumors about the iPhone 5. It shows the different months when information was leaked and how that lead to new speculations on the coming model. It is creatively done and worth a look, even if it takes some time to work out.

iPhone Era

6. iPhone Lifecycle

Awesome Infographics About iPhones - 6

A touch of humor makes this a charming infographic that packs in a ton of information while making you laugh. It starts with “Pre-iPhone,” aka when people lived in caves. Then comes the iPhone, along with a couple of other things (Harry Potter No. 7, etc.). It moves up through each model to show what is going on in the world (Barack Obama as the first black president of the United States, swine flu, an oil spill) and, in some occasions, what we don’t get (flying cars at the time of the iPhone 4 release) – all of this while iPhone prices get lower and Apple’s stock gets higher.


7. The 7 Types of iPhone Owners

Awesome Infographics About iPhones - 7

What makes me laugh about this infographic is that I swear I have known every one of these “types.” Here we get a look at who the creator says are the seven personality types of iPhone owners, along with a bit of info on the sales of Apple products above. From the Complainer to the Hacker, each one explains how the user probably feels about and enjoys (or hates) their device.

iPhone Loss

8. Worst Places to Lose Your iPhone

Awesome Infographics About iPhones - 8

Worried about getting your iPhone stolen or just losing it in a moment of carelessness? This lists the most theft-heavy regions in the United States, as well as the 10 top ways people lose their devices. Along with this it gives a percentage for the likelihood of getting it back.


This is not a complete list; there are some great infographics on the iPhone out there. What are some of the ones you love? Let us know in the comments.

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Kossi Adzo

Kossi Adzo

Kossi Adzo is a technology enthusiast and digital strategist with a fervent passion for Apple products and the innovative technologies that orbit them. With a background in computer science and a decade of experience in app development and digital marketing, Kossi brings a wealth of knowledge and a unique perspective to the Apple Gazette team.

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