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5 Security Apps for Mac That You Must Start Using

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For a long time, there was a common misconception that Apple computers were impervious to cyber attacks. This is absolutely untrue. In the past, hackers preferred to target PC users because they made up a much larger portion of the overall market.

However, over the last few years, as more people have bought Macs, more cybercriminals are finding ways to target these users. From malware and viruses to phishing scams and more, Apple users are just as vulnerable to hacks. So protect yourself now by using these five security apps for Mac:

Do you have these security apps for Mac?

1) NordLocker File Encryption Service

A few years ago, hackers targeted and leaked the personal content of a huge number of celebrities through Apple’s iCloud Service. This was a clear sign that cloud-computing systems are highly susceptible to attack. Cyber thieves, have a wide arsenal of tools at their disposal to break into your files. So if you can’t stop them breaking in, make sure they have nothing to steal.

NordLocker is one of the most advanced file encryption services. The software is simple and is available for both online and offline use. With just one click, NordLocker encrypts your files. Among its many groundbreaking features, NordLocker also enables users to securely store sensitive online details such as passwords, financial information, and other personal data. You can also set sharing privileges to choose who can access your files. Overall, it’s a much safer way to store and share your files across your entire Mac OS experience. 

2) Kaspersky Internet Security

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Your Mac needs an antivirus, period. And Kaspersky would be a good choice. It is a multifunction tool that protects you from a range of online threats. After installing the software, Kaspersky will scan your computer for malicious files and repair them. From here, it will protect your online browsing, issuing warnings if you visit dangerous sites. You can also lock your webcam or restrict what personal information of yours is shared online making it a good option for financial transactions. Finally, families can also take advantage of restrictions for young children to promote safe internet browsing. 

3) Sophos Virus Scan

Sophos is a simple, functional virus scan ideal for personal computer usage. It requires very little of your CPU performance and takes up barely any hard drive space. In fact, you can even run scans through a web browser to save even more space. Best of all, the app is free. Do note, however, it may not be able to repair all damaged files or remove all viruses. Moreover, it’s not suited for commercial use. Think of it as handy, quick option for casual computing. 

4) Norton Security

Most computer users have heard the name Norton. They provide comprehensive security to all operating systems and devices. It features a wide array of different plans targeted for all kinds of computer use, including protection against malware and other online threats. You can bolster these features with additional security products like SafeKeep and Identity Safe, which prevent cybercriminals from stealing your ID.

Most users configure Norton to run at all times in the background to ensure their computer is constantly protected and removing any threats. It also features safety tools, including website restriction and privacy shields. The only downside is that Norton is only compatible with the latest Mac OS so older systems won’t be able to access it. 

5) NordVPN

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VPNs or virtual private networks are essential security tools for all devices nowadays. You should not only use one for your Mac but also your phone and tablet. The vast majority of all data breaches occur over the internet. Hackers target unprotected network connections and use them to gain access to personal computers and devices. With a VPN or virtual private network, you protect your internet connection with the latest in security tech — the AES 256 Protocol.

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With NordVPN, you have a wide array of additional security and privacy features including a “killswitch” which terminates your network connection in case of a problem and “onion over VPN” browsing, which makes your online experience extremely safe. Finally, it’s simple to use. After you install, select “quick connect,” and your connection will be protected within moments. 

The 5 Essential Apps for Total Mac Security

It’s time more Mac users realize that, unfortunately, just like their PC counterparts, Apple’s computers are also vulnerable to attacks. In some cases, Macs are even more unsafe because their users rarely take any precautionary measures. However, it doesn’t take much to secure your computer. Begin by protecting your files, both in the cloud and offline, through file encryption services, like NordLocker. Its comprehensive security will ensure nobody gains unauthorized access to your files.   

From here, branch out into anti-malware and antivirus programs like Kaspersky and Norton. Finally, bring all of this together by safeguarding your internet connection with a VPN. Through this complete strategy, your Mac will have everything it needs to secure itself from just about any threat.

Kokou Adzo

Kokou Adzo

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