10 iPad Mini Cases That Make Me Want to Buy an iPad Mini

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The day after the iPad Mini was announced, I was not too keen on getting one, for reasons I expressed – whether clearly or vaguely, it’s for you to decide in a previous post. Since then, I have had the chance to use the iPad Mini, thanks to my brother-in-law who decided to go for it, and guess what? I really enjoyed the experience. Sure, there is no ignoring the lack of retina screen, but other than that, I can see just how the iPad Mini is changing the game.

That being said, the iPad Mini is no different from its bigger brothers in that it needs some protection. Perhaps it needs even more protection because, due to its size, it just might be easier to let go off accidentally. There’s also the consideration that kids – at least my nephews – seem to prefer the handy iPad Mini.

As with all the other Apple mobile devices, there is really no lack of cases for the iPad Mini. You might spend hours and hours looking at cases, only to not come to a definitive conclusion. To help you with that, here are 10 iPad Mini cases that make me want to actually buy an iPad Mini.

Speck’s iGuy

Hands down the best iPad case for kids. Trust me, the $29.95 tag is more than worth it.

iPad mini cases

OtterBox’s iPad Mini Defender Series Case

It may not look all that appealing, but it’s guaranteed to keep your little guy safe and sound. A little pricey at $69.95, though.

iPad mini cases

Hard Candy Cases Shock Drop Series Case

“10mm of silicon shock absorbing four-corner protection, slimming to 6mm of overall body shock protection” sounds good for $49.95, doesn’t it?

iPad mini cases
Hard Candy Case

Axis iPad Mini Case

“Your case can’t do this” is their tag line, and it’s pretty convincing. The case allows you to turn your iPad horizontally or vertically, plus it has a genuine leather exterior. $44.99 sounds reasonable then.

iPad mini cases

Bear Motion iPad Mini Case

There’s something about “Brazilian buffalo hide leather” that got my attention, not to mention that I do like how the case looks. Oh, and it’s only $29.99!

Bear Motion
Bear Motion

 The Joy Factory Cases

We count three cases from this brand, because I like their designs. They look simple enough but functional as well.

Fizz™ for iPad mini (Blackberry)


Denim™ for iPad mini


JouJou™ for iPad mini

This sports a soft microfiber exterior complimented by synthetic leather trim. It also comes in other, less dirt-attractive colors.

iPad mini cases

 Zoo Gue Prodigy

The name kicks butt, and so does the product. The main draw: 5 secure angles to choose from. Oh, and they have a 30-day risk-free trial. Any takers?


ZAGGkeys MINI 7 Case/Keyboard

If I were to get an iPad Mini, I would not even think of getting a keyboard to go with it, but if that’s what you want, then ZAGG is the best choice. As with other ZAGG products, you pay a premium – $89.99 to be exact.



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  1. We have a Speck iGuy for our iPad 2 which is heavily used by my daughter (17 months old) helps her haul it around, and has kept it from getting more scratched up (ended up with a couple of scratches before I got the case). Even when the iPad is out of the case being used elsewhere she sometimes still plays with the case like any other toy =)

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