Yahoo wants you to know they are ALL OVER the iPhone

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Yahoo wants you to know they are all over the iPhone. They have launched a mobile flash page (ironically – one that you won’t be able to view on the iPhone) that tells you all about the things they do on the iPhone – from the stocks and weather widget – to adding your Yahoo! Mail to iPhone (which, for me at least, was a completely miserable experience), and they also take the opportunity to promote their Yahoo oneSearch, which they have optimized for viewing on the iPhone.

It’s a nice bit of marketing from Yahoo, to basically promote things that we already knew were on the iPhone, plus get a few bits in about their mobile search.

Personally, I wish people would quit treating the iPhone as a “mobile browser”. I hate getting the “mobile” version of a site when I visit on my iPhone. The iPhone is perfectly capable of displaying the entire site – and that’s what I want to see!

Anyway, if you want to check it out – you can do so here.

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6 thoughts on “Yahoo wants you to know they are ALL OVER the iPhone

  1. I wonder when the articles about other things Apple come to the site. iPhone became so distasteful even w/o buying it.

  2. I’d have to admit, I used to think that. I thought all sites should just be as they are because Safari on iPhone can pretty much load anything. But sometimes you need to code your site for the interface and screen size of the iPhone to give the user the best interface experience.

    There are some iPhone versions of some websites now that are just magic. Facebook for example, is one sexy site for the iPhone. Have you tried it?

    I’d use this iPhone version site anyday over the normal browser version of Facebook on the iPhone.

  3. Developers just need to be informed. You can still have a handheld stylesheet and an iPhone specific stylesheet coexist peacefully (I think that’s actually what Apple recommends).

  4. I’m beginning to think I’m the only iPhone early adopter that is delighted with the iPhone and it’s present capabilities. The AT&T agreement was NOT obscure. The fact that third party hacks and add on’s could harm or freeze the phone was disclosed when I activated it! I had the choice to hit “I DO NOT AGREE” and take it back for a full refund! I chose not to do so. Yes, I read the agreement before I okay’d it. Most people do not. Does Apple have a right to choose a particular service provider? Yeah, I think they do given the fact that the service provider has to provide the integraton for features that iPhone requires. I knew all of this when I activated the AT&T service on my iPhone. (I was a Cingular customer for years before that activation so it made little difference to me.) Is AT&T the best? Probably you can claim that they’re the best of a crummy lot in most areas of the US. That’s about all. We do not have a truly excelllent wirless service provider here – sadly. Lawsuits for what? The fact that Apple warned and told you about the provider being specific. Or the fact that they also told you the addition of 3rd party software or hacking could freeze or harm the phone? You agreed to all of this – idiot! If you want an open platform system go buy a hand-held computer! The iPhonoe is NOT that creature. I think my “stock” iPhone is great! It lived up to some major hype – fully. The damned thing works and works well. What more can I ask? How can you sue a company for telling the truth? Up front no less. I don’t think you can. Jobs and comany is nnot being arrogant when they tell you something you don’t like hearing. They’re just being honest.. Which is something they’ve done all along as a matter of fact. You were not lied to or mislead in any way. Now it is the hackers and users who want to use other networks who are in violation of agreements they’ve signed wtih Apple… and not the other way around, regardless of what they may claim in court. A Federal court judge is going to have a good laugh and then dismiss this silly class action suit. As for the woman wanting a mil for damages – what damages I would ask? She’d better have her answer ready for the judges who see this case. Because if she cannot prove this 1m in damages as being reality (not some made-up idea of what she wants to pay off Mastercard, Visa, and Amex all at once!) she’s going to be thrown ot of court and they may award Apple their defense couse as an assessment against the plaintiff. The blade of justice cuts both ways.

  5. What is all this complaining about? I bought my first iPhone on the 11th, stood in line for 4 hours, met some interesting people. After a little confusion by the clerk at the Apple store that had never set up a “Family Plan” we got two phone and were off to play with them. My non tech wife was using her’s in minutes. I have owned a few phone that are now in land fills but Apple has come through again with a great product. Is it perfect, no but neither am I nor anything else I own.

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