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Who’s ready for iPhone OS 3.0? THIS GUY!

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I’ve hit the 9th page.

I keep deleting things I don’t really HAVE to have on my iPhone, but I keep hitting the 9th page again and again.

I love downloading new Apps from the App Store, and trying out new things. Sure, I don’t have 9 pages of stuff that I HAVE to use everyday, but even with 5 or 6 pages, the organization of the iPhone screen is rough at best.

I have great hopes that iPhone OS 3.0 will solve this issue with some kind of stacks or folders feature to allow us to organize all of our games in one folder, our utilities in another, and so on.

I’m also curious to see if other features like custom wallpapers and things like that will be coming to the next version of the OS.

I hope we’re getting closer to the next major release. The last update featured almost no improvements to the phone, and July seems likely (based on previous years) for an update to the phone, hopefully with a new OS to match.

I’m looking forward to the release with great anticipation. I would say it’s my most anticipated gadget/software of the year.

How about you?

Kossi Adzo

Kossi Adzo

Kossi Adzo is a technology enthusiast and digital strategist with a fervent passion for Apple products and the innovative technologies that orbit them. With a background in computer science and a decade of experience in app development and digital marketing, Kossi brings a wealth of knowledge and a unique perspective to the Apple Gazette team.

7 thoughts on “Who’s ready for iPhone OS 3.0? THIS GUY!

  1. Yup, me too. Used up 9 pages and ready for more. Of course, I don’t use ALL the apps that I have on iPhone, but still….you never know when you’ll need one of them.

  2. I am in the same boat and try my best to organize it by page like Patrick – but every new app or two I download forces me to go into spring cleaning mode and I am likewise constantly re-evaluating whether or not an app deserves to be on the phone.

  3. A new way of organizing would be great… I’m also on 9 pages and finding what I’m looking for is very annoying at times. I’m still using my first gen phone that I got on day one. We don’t have 3G in our market so I haven’t bothered. If a 3rd gen phone comes out this year we may have 3G by then so I’ll definitely be anxious to get a new one!

  4. i’ve made different pages be for different things such as entertainment, games, most used, utilities, and other, and like you i have been having to delete some apps that could come in handy at certain times but most of the time they aren’t worth to have

  5. Oh, iPhone 3… what will you provide? As a culture, we (techs, geeks, nerds, or whatever…) always want more and more. No matter what is released, we’re going to want it to be better, and we’ll bitch and moan about what’s not there. For a couple hundred bucks (with contact, of course…) we get a computer that does 100 times what a room full of computers couldn’t handle 15-20 years ago. We can make calls, take pictures, organize our lives, text message, IM, check out Facebook and Twitter, listen to music, get directions, watch movies, get restaurant reviews, surf the web, check the weather, control our desktops, and even re-order the NetFlix. This little box is pretty amazing, if you ask me… That being said, here’s what I’d like to see in iPhone 3.0:

    Background processes (so I can leave LastFM streaming, or an IM window going). Palm Pre seems to have the right idea for switching. I know Apple says its for battery life, but let that be our problem, not yours.

    Copy/Paste. Duh. My phone is jailbroken, and I love Clippy!

    Video capture. I know it works, because I use Cycorder and Qik. (jailbroken, again)

    Better icon management. I think the multi-page swiping is fine. No stacks or folders are necessary. BUT… Let me drag icons and set pages from iTunes, where I can see all of the screens in a grid, like Spaces. Drag icons from page to page, and remember where they are after i sync.

    Turn by Turn GPS. Tom Tom (my personal favorite nav software) already has a working demo. SET IT FREE!

    MMS: I like picturemail. I just do. I can’t get all my friends onto any one thing. I do Facebook Mobile uploads, and Twitpics, but they don’t go to everyone, and most importantly, not to the one or two people it’s meant for. Don’t tell me e-mail. I’m not junking up friends e-mail boxes with off-the-cuff snapshots of unfortunately worded church marquees.

    Home screen settings buttons: My apartment is a cellular black hole. Phones don’t work well here. I have a Vonage line for my home phone, and I forward cell calls to it (my personal iPhone and a Verizon business phone). I’d love to just drag the “Forward Calls” slider switch to the home screen so I can tap it and be done, without going thru Settings>Phone>General…..

    Open up the WiFi, Bluetooth and Dock connector. Let me pair or plug in a keyboard if I want. Let me sync over wifi. Let me use wireless bluetooth headphones in full stereo. Let my Nike+Run work on the iPhone so i can stop carrying around my Nano. remember those old iPod-Camera connectors that let you offload your pictures onto an iPod, to view and sync to iPhoto? I want that to work again.

    Better online integration. I use MobileMe for calendar and contact syncing. I’d love to see it integrated more like Palm’s Synergy where it drags Facebook and Twitter (@jimmylittle, BTW!) and AIM into the book automatically. You can do it a bit now, using Pinger Phone, and FriendSync, but it’s not automatic.

    And of course, I’d love to see a 32Gb version for $399.

    That’s all. I’m not really interested in the front-facing camera, I don’t video chat much anyway. Of course, if it were there, I’d probably use it for Qikking more. I don’t want wallpapers. The icon screens are easily readable now, if a picture of my dog were behind all that tiny text and little pictures, I think I’d have a seizure. I don’t want a smaller one or a bigger one. Most iPhone developers are hard-coding for the screen size, and if it were to change, they’d have to rewrite the software, or put out different versions that would confuse everyone. Remember back on Handango when you had to pick whether your WinMo device was ARM or PPC? Do you want that again? And for the love of God, no more Flashlight apps. Please.

  6. I wish I could move pages, and not just apps. I have a good page and a half of apps that are nice to haves. I don’t use them much, or at all. They are just nice to have and may be useful in a pinch. As I add games and other apps, etc, I find that my “not used that much page” might end up as the 3rd page in, where maybe I want it as the 6th page. Maybe I want to move all my games to page 3 and move my most used utilities up to page 2. Having to constantly shuffle apps around is annoying and time consuming. It would be so much easier if I could just move the whole page! I hope they add that to OS 3.0.

  7. I am WAY ready … I was not an iPhone buyer when it came out due to contract with Sprint, but now that I’m beyond my contract end, I am ready. But doesn’t seem the right time with another version very likely in the next couple of months. My RAZR is pathetic with battery lasting seemingly minutes. I say to Apple … bring it.

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