Video: The Greatest “Star Wars” Movie ever filmed!

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When the Star Wars prequels were in production, my circle of friends and I were fascinated, not only by the movies themselves, but by the fan film community that was building around the Star Wars universe. We wrote our own fan films like “Urban Jedi” where two Jedi were lost on planet Earth, and another called “Being George Lucas” that was a send up of “Being John Malkovich” with a Star Wars twist. That wasn’t all – in facr, I think we wrote a dozen or so. (My personal favorite was one that appeared to be two Jedi Knights dueling, only to find out at the end that they were, in fact, Starfleet Officers on a Holodeck from “Star Trek”).

My point with that little trip down my own personal memory lane – is that I’ve watched a lot of Star Wars fan films. I’ve been amazed by what people can do in their houses and backyards these days with special effects. Many of the fan films I’ve seen were better than the prequel films themselves. The one embedded above, however, may be better than all 6 of George’s films.

It is a short Star Wars fan film starring a brother and sister, where their Dad is playing the evil Emperor. The special effects are great – and there is a special appearance by an iPhone as well. It looks like the thing was created on a Mac, because there are some very familiar Garageband sounds in a few places.

Regardless of what platform is was created on, the video is a great example of how awesome spending time with your kids can be. Some of the most fun I’ve had in my life has been running around the back yard with my daughter playing Power Rangers and having lightsaber duels of our own. If you’re not finding time to do that kind of stuff…you’re missing out on some really great memories.

The creator of the video is named Mark Lucier. He did an awesome job.

via Laughing Squid.

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3 thoughts on “Video: The Greatest “Star Wars” Movie ever filmed!

  1. this is very well done from a technical perspective, and i gotta give the guy some credit for that. but, unless you find kids adorable and if you happen to be an ass like me, then its just plain boring to watch.

  2. Awesome, we tried to film a star wars movie in 1986 and build a lot of models, constructed a special system to let all the models fly around the room in front of a huge star map. I think my parents don’t like to think about that time – because the basement of our house was the studio. And now, its just a click of a button – well, not that easy but it’s amazing how things changed and yes it’s amazing how many people tried to re-film that movie. I always thought I am the only idiot that did that instead of hunting my first girlfriend 🙂

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