Top 10 iPhone Apps for Business Users

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Having an iPhone has become a standard in many people’s lives. An iPhone is useful, advanced and full of entertainment features, and nowadays most people feel more attached to their smartphones than they do to their computers.

That is why it has become the ultimate tool for the business user, as phones are able to increase productivity, put various resources into one device and even boost work performance. That is all thanks to the many apps that have been created specifically to improve the work experience of the owner.

Here are 10 must-have apps for anyone who is business oriented in their iPhone use.

1. Dropbox

Dropbox App for Business

If you wish you could always take your important files with you, whether to work at home, at the local Starbucks or anywhere else, now you can,. Dropbox is a very useful syncing program that allows you to move various files from your desktop into their folders. Those can then be accessed in real time on the website, through any other computer you link it up to, on your iPhone or iPad, or through other authorized user accounts. So not only can you take files anywhere you need to go, but you can share them with anyone you need to, as well.(Free)

2. Evernote

Evernote App for Business

Considered one of the best apps ever created, Evernote is the perfect application for anyone who has a bit of a memory or a productivity problem – or just people who could use a little bit more note taking and organization in their lives. From concepts to ideas to reminders, you can put them all here and sync it with all of your devices all at once. You can even use them to store photos. (Free)

3. FuzeMeeting

FuzeMeeting App for Business

Want to host a conference or meeting without going into the office? Whether it is local or international, you can do it with this app from anywhere, and with high resolution picture that is as clear as day. You can control all attendee requests and other information from the dashboard. (Free)

4. Skype

Skype App for Business

Possibly the most popular communication program on the web, Skype is available on your iPhone. You can use this app to hold video conferences, chat, keep track of your contacts or reduce your phone bill by loading up on credits and making calls. There is also now an iPad optimized version now. (Free)

5. Quick Sale

Quick Sale App for Business

Keep track of sales, invoices and payments, all in one place. You can even apply discounts per sale, globally or by percentage, and save your favorites for quick access and repeated use. Quick Sale has unlimited space for inventory and non-inventory items, and categories for easy organization. ($0.99)

6. Online Payroll

Online Payroll App for Business

If you have been looking for a way to create checks outside of the office, you know have it. Put together payment information, stubs and actual checks, pay by direct deposit or prepare paper checks for printing. You can even access information on past and present employees or contractors from anywhere. (Free)

7. QuickOffice

QuickOffice App for Business

Do you use Microsoft Office almost continuously in your work? Then you can save, share and open your work with QuickOffice, keeping a smaller version with you anywhere you are. ($19.99)

8. Things

Things App for Business

This is basically your all-in-one to-do list and calendar application that has worked to make it all much easier to use. You set reminders and make notes, lists and more. Everything is run through a very simple interface, making it better than probably any other app out there on the iTunes market. ($9.99)

9. Numbers

Numbers App for Business

Charts, bar graphs, infographics…all of them can be built easily on this amazing spreadsheet app. You enter dates, numbers, provide photos, set durations or type in formulas, and it does the rest based on your specifications. There are more than 250 functions, and they are all easy to use thanks to a basic interface that is clear even for new users. ($9.99)

10. Streamtime

Streamtime App for Business

Use the digital whiteboard for ideas, leave yourself notes, set deadlines or track time with this fantastic productivity tool. It is easy to use, but very thorough in features. (Free)


If you have an iPhone and work in any kind of business sector, you can benefit from these handy apps. Most are free and the others are well worth the cost. What are some of your own favorites that you would hate to go without? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. FuzeMeeting is inexplicably only available in the US app store. WHY WHY WHY do they do this. Australia, UK, South Africa and dozens more countries all speak English, so it can’t be because they are afraid of foreign language support.

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