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Even if you develop an expert-looking, well-planned web design, it will not guarantee your platform to grow your customer base or get a high amount of traffic. If you make a plan to increase website traffic, you have to get acquainted with search engine optimization. We speak about web design and SEO techniques that modern developers use to enhance a website’s visibility. So, indexing by online search engines, and more particularly on Google SERPs, is extremely essential for SEO friendly websites. Google accounts provide more than 90% of world organic search traffic, so it is important to facilitate the bots’ job to get fast and easy ranking. Keep reading our article and click here for more tips.


User-friendly URL

You’ve undoubtedly witnessed what occurs when you enter a term or phrase into a search engine. To begin, a selection of keywords appears in the menu to help you narrow down your search and provide some direction. When you make your selection, you will be presented with a list of websites that are available to you.


In the first results, you will notice prevalent sites that use your search keyword in their website address or some page of their site. So, it is very essential to build a clear URL structure and have unique URLs for each page. The best SEO friendly website should help the search engines to define what that exact page is about. It has to be clear from the URL name what people can find there and do not produce many categories in the link. Besides, if there is a need to split words in the URL, ensure that you choose hyphens and not underscores.


No Duplicate Content

When you want to create Google-friendly content for a website, designing for SEO is essential. And to avoid duplicate information is one of the tips. Search engines penalize rankings if notice that site content is not original.


Keyword Strategy

Building SEO website design is impossible without using hot keywords in proper places. You should care about placing suitable keywords not only in the articles and blog section but across all the designs of your website. Keywords work great with image optimization. You can apply them in different types of backlinks, all headings, bullet points, meta titles, and meta descriptions. Keyword generator is a great tool that helps to find better keyword variants in one click.


Focus on Internal Linking

Internal linking helps increase website supremacy and lets its visitors navigate smoothly within the pages. If SEO specialists place them correctly for additional relevant reading options, readers will be drawn to stay on this page longer. It is advisable to use backlinks creation software to get better SEO feedback.


Mobile Optimization

Google says that people use mobile browsers and apps more often than PC devices. That is why it is so essential to optimize your web designs for mobiles. Visitor conversion is the goal of any SEO company. To be at the top in Google search is not enough if people never return to your website. You should make it user-friendly and assure that it adjusts to mobile to give people information at their fingertips.


Seo for Images


One more tip to make your web design SEO friendly is to take care of proper image SEO optimization. Images should not be too heavy. The ideal size is from 30 to 100kb with a resolution of 72dpi. Add suitable keywords to the image to help search engines rank the page higher. The image should be relevant to the article. Otherwise, the page me excluded from the ranking.


According to a study by, an important factor increasing the conversion by more than 28% is the high quality of images. Images affect the bounce rate, which as a result affects rankings.

Add Blog Section


Blogs can keep your site content fresh. Add a blog section to your website as a comfortable place to center on your product and its updates. The best SEO friendly website always has some new information to offer to the customers. If you are not a writer, multiple writing services like Jasper, can satisfy basic blog needs and generate text, even with the keywords you provide. Blogs are a great SEO booster when it comes to personal branding strategy.


Social Media is a Key

Customers and search engines both place emphasis on social media. Social networking sites that are properly configured may provide a significant boost to your SEO site strategy. You may lead the social media community to your website by using a friendly web design and SEO. We can provide a few options for directing visitors from your website to your social media profiles. Most soft developers provide homepage plug-ins that display the most recent posts, provide visualizations of your social network page, and measure the number of page likes.


The other approach is to promote your site with blog material and share the blog links on your social media pages. Complete website optimization will include a picture, headline, and a brief section in the social media posts. When a link from a website is included in the email body, the email hosts supply the optimization approach.


Flash is Not a Key

Customers may be irritated if there are too many flash components on the page. However, this is not the only issue. Flash can potentially have an impact on a website’s search engine ranking. If your website has flash components, search engines will have difficulty appropriately ranking it. Because flash cannot contribute to your SEO strategy, it is best avoided in SEO-friendly website designs. If you still want to utilize flash on your platform, make sure you do it sparingly.

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