The Real (Fake) Fourth-Gen iPhone

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When I’m out there online hunting for Apple news, I tend to shy away from these posts from other sites about what the next-gen Apple product is or looks like. Sometimes it’s from reputable sources, and other times, it’s on rumor sites designed to stir up the pot. I see these pics all the time, just a few weeks or months prior to the actual product’s release date, and I intentionally choose not to report these issues to you, our readers, most of the time.

There’s no ruling about this formally. Splashpress Media (Apple Gazette’s parent company) doesn’t tell us bloggers what not to talk about, so I’m given pretty loose reins. But my personal feelings – not the ones of Splashpress or AG – are that to keep some form of journalistic integrity with this blog, we have to show some kind of restraint when posting about these rumors. Otherwise, we’re just another crappy Apple site who will post anything with a lowercase i in front of it.

Which is why I was pretty stoked to find this pic online. MacRumors first posted up about the next-gen iPhone case last week, calling them “questionable.” Many other sites took the info and ran with it, asking the same generic question everyone else did: “Is this the new iPhone?” Well, kudos, MacRumors for calling a spade a spade, and not claiming this pic was the real deal. To the others, well, oops.


This blog has been created to show the truth about these pictures.


It’s a fake made with 3dsmax and Vray. I use Photoshop just to make the noise and resize the pics.

You can see a screenshot of the file on my computer, just below.

You can see too an other fake rendering and my final rendering with all parts. This fake was just a training with Vray for me. I’m happy to see that this fake has been related over the world in one day.

For skeptics, ask Macrumors if has sent this pics.

SOorry 😉

Well that clears that up.

If I find a rumor that seems fairly credible, then have no fear, I’ll post it up. But don’t expect me to post up every rendering/drawing/pic of this summer’s new iPhone here, because it’s not going to happen.

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