RUMOR: Kevin Rose says 3G iPhone with Video Chat coming soon

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Because two you tube videos on the main page isn’t enough, here is video confirmation of the latest Kevin Rose rumor about the upcoming 3G iPhone. Take it for what you will. I do have to say that I trust Kevin’s sources more than most rumor sites out there. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens….

Let’s just assume for a second that this is completely true…would it make you buy a new iPhone? For me 3G is still a pipe dream in my area, so it won’t affect me anytime soon, but I am curious about those of you with current iPhones…is this motivation to upgrade?

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6 thoughts on “RUMOR: Kevin Rose says 3G iPhone with Video Chat coming soon

  1. I was inspired to buy one for my gf, and an iTouch for me. I can buy the second generation one for me only! Whaha! 🙂

  2. If they would officially release it in Canada already that would be motivation for me. Officially or not, 2nd gen iPhone comes out, I’ll be getting one.

  3. 3G is all across Europe, so that is a very welcome and waited for advancement. About second camera in front – we have them on many 3G phones already. But they are difficult to use. Apple could do the same what they did with mobile web browsing – somehow just make it easy to use. I’m sure many will finally start to use mobile video conferencing. I had a Nokia N80 for a while and since it was a horrible phone, the video conferencing feature was bad too. So I tried it only a couple of times. If it comes on iPhone – it will be intuitive and easy. I will love to use it.

  4. so whats up with the guy on the left, he knows less about tech than my mom. “So the current iphone doesnt have a camera behind the touchscreen?” “So my year old phone doesnt have all the brand new super cool features that we are speculating the new iphone that hasnt even been announced has?” “That sucks, I got screwed for being a early adopter.” Where has this guy been his whole life. That is pretty much how everything goes. New models generally have more features than the model they are replacing. This is life. I bought my iphone for the features it has, not the features i wish it had.

  5. The other guy (Alex) is actually more of a gamer and anti-mac. He usually isn’t that stupid… then again come to think of it, i can’t remember the last time he made any good points on technology. So my guess is that he is just trying to make Apple sound bad for not treating the early adaptors right. That’s hardware, 3G and front camera is obviously not something you can change just by software upgrade.

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