RUMOR: iPhone release date June 20th – but isn’t that a Wed.?

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Macrumors is pointing us towards a Google Groups posting that says an analyst on CNBC claims to have the release date of the iPhone confirmed for June 20th. That’s all well and good…but that’s a Wednesday. Apple products don’t come out on a Wednesday, they come out on Tuesday.

Have there been any Apple products that DIDN’T come out on Tuesday? I’m not being snarky, I’m asking….if you can point one out, let me know in the comments below…I might be completely off base here, but based on the fact that the 20th is a Wednesday, I have to NOT believe this rumor at this time.

What do you think?

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7 thoughts on “RUMOR: iPhone release date June 20th – but isn’t that a Wed.?

  1. i don’t care if it comes out on a tuesday, wednesday or sunday. just throw it on the market already so the hype finally ends. please?

  2. If I’m not mistaken, the current 24″ iMac was released on a Wednesday. It may have been a Thursday, but the point it that it wasn’t released on a Tuesday.

  3. It’s possible it will be announced on Tuesday, then available at all stores the next day.

    Yes, it’s extremely rare for Apple to release something in the middle of the week. It would make no sense from a PR/Marketing standpoint. Tuesday has always been prime and part of Apple’s grassroots marketing tricks.

  4. it’s also a cingular/AT&T product. maybe their schedule conflicted, or some type of contractual promotional obligation concerning stores (both apple and cingular/at&t) or whatever other variables involved in the promotion of this hype-magnet are concerned have required apple to not release it on tuesday. there is nothing that really makes tuesday an imperitive date to release something. maybe statistically they make the best days to release things as far as marketing goes, but there may be something outweighing this.

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