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There’s nothing like celebrating New Year’s than shooting some fireworks. Seeing them light up the night sky just makes you feel all giddy and excited for what’s to come. Then again, they are not legal in many places, so if you want to see fireworks more often, you can get an iPhone case with fireworks (design!). Here are some great options to choose from.

American Flag Under Gorgeous Fireworks

If you’re also proud to be American, there’s nothing like having fireworks and the American flag on your iPhone case. It shows your patriotism as well as your affinity to the night lights in the sky. This case is also made of high-quality silicone material so it has you covered when it comes to protection.

Firework Celebrative Colorful Design


This iPhone case depicts a cartoon version of fireworks. It’s great for people who prefer cute and artistic patterns over the pictures of the actual fireworks. The cutouts of the case are also precise so you’ll always have access to the buttons of your iPhone. Plus, this cover offers double protection so your iPhone is safe from scratches and dings.

Fireworks Glitter Florals Soft Gel Case


Fireworks iPhone Cases

Christmas and New Year’s are usually represented by the colors green and red. This soft gel case beautifully shows these two colors illustrated as fireworks. It also has glitters so you get that additional shimmer. The cover itself is lightweight so there’s no additional bulkiness.

Bridge Fireworks Blooming Pattern Design

One of the most scenic places to watch fireworks is the harbor. Make it a permanent view by getting an iPhone case that depicts exactly this kind of scene. This case not only offers a beautiful fireworks scenery but also offers different reflections in different angles. 

Lightweight Folio Firework Castle Cover

Fans of Disney princesses would certainly appreciate this iPhone case that has a castle with fireworks in the background. Seeing it might help you reminisce about that time you went to Disneyland. Even better, this one is a folio case, which means that both the front and the back of your iPhone are protected.

More Fireworks iPhone Cases:

Fireworks Display Case

A multitude of fireworks simultaneously lighting up the night sky… what a sight! Now, that is something you’d always want to be reminded of. This iPhone case shows exactly what we’re talking about, numerous fireworks exploding against a dark backdrop. From there, you can see different shades of color, all so beautiful and magnificent.

Personalized 4th of July Fireworks Case

As a proud American, you can also get an iPhone case that depicts an outline of the Statue of Liberty. Granted that it’s usually a Fourth of July celebration, you can get both the symbolism as well as the beautiful fireworks background as your combined New Year’s celebration and a show of your patriotism.

Fireworks Director, If I Run, You Run Case

Sometimes, it’s not about the result of the fireworks but about the process. If you’re into setting up the fireworks and its whole process, then this case might be more up your alley. It doesn’t depict a fireworks display, but the saying speaks so many volumes and only a true fireworks director will totally get it.

Red White Blue Fireworks Stars Case

This very adorable fireworks pattern is perfect for those going for the cutesy vibe. It has the bright colors of red, white, and blue, and is very eye-catching. At the end of the fireworks are tiny stars that just add to the whole cute look. The case itself is impact-resistant and is made of durable hard plastic. This cover has a glossy finish, too.

New Year Loud Fireworks Case

If you like changing your iPhone case from time to time, why not get a set of five instead? This package comes with five iPhone cases that have different fireworks designs. That way, when you get bored of one, you can just switch it up with another one. The fireworks displays here are more of the loud and vibrant kind, as you can see from the designs. 

Simple Fireworks Case

On the other hand, a more muted version is this set that features kind of a minimalist approach to a fireworks display. The designs in this set of five shows just a single firework or two, but looks quite delicate and pretty on its own. This design just goes to show that not all fireworks displays have to be loud to be beautiful.

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