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Review: Skullcandy iPhone FMJ headphones

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Skullcandy has been making headphones and audio accessories for years. The iPhone FMJ headphones are the company’s first jump into the iPhone accessories market, and one of only a few options out there for third party iPhone headphones. The question is, are they worth the $79.95 price tag?

Like most in-ear headphones the FMJ’s come with a few options for your in-ear inserts, although not as many as some other products I’ve looked at. You get the option of one set of rubber inserts or the form fitting foam, and each are fairly easily interchangeable. I found that the rubber did not fit my ear correctly, and was slightly uncomfortable, but the foam worked fine. I do wish there were a few more choices to make the custom fit a little more all encompassing, but I imagine these will suit most users.

The headphones are very solidly constructed, especially the cord, which is thicker than most iPhone headphone cords – but in a good way. The cord is much more difficult to tangle, without being cumbersome to carry around. So if you stuff your headphones into their carrying case, or into your pocket, when you take them out at the gym, they’re much easier to untangle and use. The overall heft of the headphones is nice as well, without feeling too heavy. It also gives the product a feeling of value, which helps when you’re buying higher-end headphones.

The sound of the FMJ headphones are crisp and clean – very good for a product in this price range. The audio did not blow me away, but it does have a nice, solid sound.

The iPhone functionality works flawlessly. Click the button, answer the call. It’s simple – but it works just like it should, which is nice.

Bottom Line: My primary complaints with the Skullcandy iPhone FMJ headphones is the limited in-ear customization options, and if you have larger or smaller than average ears you will be stuck with the foam option, or an uncomfortable fit, but for everyone else, the FMJs are a top notch design, and a very nice sounding set of headphones. So far, they are the best 3rd party iPhone headphones I’ve ever tried. If you’re looking for a nice set of in-ear headphones with great iPhone compatibility and functionality the FMJ headphones may be your best bet.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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