Reader Feedback Request: iPhone – “Yes” or “No”

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Ok, so lots of sites have been doing Polls or asking readers if they plan on buying an iPhone, or if they plan on waiting for an iPhone, or if they think the iPhone is too expensive…blah, blah blah…well, I want to know what you think, and I want to break it down to as simple a question as possible.

iPhone – “Yes” or “No”?

Yes – you want one, and you’re buying it as soon as you can.

No – you don’t.

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9 thoughts on “Reader Feedback Request: iPhone – “Yes” or “No”

  1. Every time I think iPhone, I do a little poop in my underpants.
    I need one… now, before I run out of shorts

  2. i’m a “no” for the following reasons:

    – as much as i love apple, i feel that the iphone is way overpriced.
    – as neat as the multitouch interface may be, the iphone is not a top notch device in many respects (low quality camera, no gps, no umts/g3)
    – i live in europe. by the time the iphone hits our market, it will be even less top notch than it is now.
    – i think that we will see an iphone “2.0” by Q2/2008 the latest. there may even be a umts version for the europe launch date already.
    – there are a lot of contestants out that that offer more features (minus multitouch) for less money. examples are the nokia n95, samsung f700i, sony ericsson p1/p3, and more.

  3. Love my Treo 700p. Palm needs to get their act in gear for the next version (Palm on Linux w/cleaned up APIs, friggin WiFi, decent camera, faster processor, slimmer like the Blackjack, etc.) but I bet I can text and calendar faster on my Treo than most will be able to on their iPhones.

  4. @spinpapl

    Putting this particular debate to rest is one of the things I’m most excited about the actual launch of the iPhone for. Either the iPhone will work, or it wont’, but either way, I’m ready to find out…

  5. I’m the biggest Mac/Apple addict I know, but I hate cell phones. I got rid of mine. What a waste of $60 a month. And I have zero use for a pocket internet device. I’m either at home or at work, so the Internet is always at hand.

    To tell you the truth, the iPhone GUI is out-oif-this-world, but what I really want is just the iPod part with at least 30 gigs of flash.

  6. @krye

    I think you’ll be getting something similar to that around Christmas time this year.

    I’m the exact opposite of you, though. I have my phone on me constantly. I txt all day, I use the Internet everywhere I can, and I love the idea of having a pocket Internet device.

    Plus, I don’t actually watch, or plan to watch, a lot of movies on a mobile device, and my music library isn’t more than a gig or two…and half of that crap I don’t even listen to.

    So, for me, the iPhone is looking like a perfect option…but we’ll have to wait and see….

  7. @ Phil,

    Hey man, let’s play devil’s advocate for a minute…

    What features do those phones offer that the iPhone doesn’t? I understand that the G3 thing is a big deal for places where people have G3 networks…but the vast majority of America really doesn’t have coverage, so I can’t really get upset about the G3 thing…but what else is the iPhone missing?

    Also, I doubt that you guys are going to get the iPhone 1.0 over there. I think you’re probably going to get an updated phone for your launch…just pure speculation on my part, though…

  8. iPhone is going to be amazing, I’d say this gen, but some might disagree until the 2nd or 3rd gen. But it will be amazing. We can all agree Mac OS is the most amazing OS, imagine that on your phone? Can’t go wrong.

  9. Sure the iPhone is a cool device…but regarding the price and functions it’s nothing I desperately need so I wouldn’t buy one! I don’t need internet on a phone…I need a phone to be able to reach people and be reachable for others! For music I have my iPod which has a wrecked audio jack (I only hear on the left earphone and NO it’s NOT the earphones) and which I still love. And what’s for mobile internet … I personally think that a 15″ screen’s too small 🙂 go cinema – that’s better!


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