One Trip – 1st iPhone 3rd Party App is Online…and it’s pretty darn cool…

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onetrip.jpgOne Trip is a handy grocery list making application from Neven Mrgan – a guy who’s sense of humor I can really appreciate. On his site it reads: “I got Dugg. Then the gravestone shall read, Creator of the first third-party app for iPhone.”

The really cool part is that Neven’s application is great. It’s a perfect mini app that is very similar to one I used on a Palm to make a grocery list every week…yes, I have a Palm, and yes, the only thing I use it for these days is to make a grocery list…

You can check out the App here – but it’s only going to work properly in Safari.

These are the kinds of Apps we can expect from 3rd parties, and I think it’s great – but I still hope to see an SDK for richer applications in the future. I’m still not convinced that this method of Application development is going to be beneficial to larger 3rd parties – primarily because I don’t see how they are going to succesfully monetize it. Web 2.0 is one of the buzzwords used by Jobs at the Keynote – and as we all know…Web 2.0 apps are almost always free.

What do you think?

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5 thoughts on “One Trip – 1st iPhone 3rd Party App is Online…and it’s pretty darn cool…

  1. There are lots of potential uses for “database driven” apps. I’m thinking this could eventually be enhanced with price grabs from other vendors or coupon/price matching alerts.

  2. no bad…
    I think this will be an effective way of offering additional apps and still maintain the integrity of the phone.

    I’ve always used Nokia Smart Phones with the symbian OS, I’d find all kinds of neat apps but alot of times they didn’t work very well and have to restart my phone alot. I don’t blame Apple for wanting to do quality control.

  3. @ Rick

    I don’t either…and I think this this is a good development tool for small companies and individuals, but I think larger developers should be able to get an SDK that would allow them to build more robust applications that work with their Mac sofware as well.

  4. I like the idea of this app.

    Let’s say that Mr. Mrgan wrote an application that would let us further define the catagories and items therein, that would then place the necessary code in our Mac’s site folder as a web page, that “Personal Web Sharing” is turned ON, and that using 10.5’s new .Mac feature that would enable us to communicate with our Mac when we’re away from its location, then we’d be able to access via the iPhone the APP which of course is customized for each user’s specific needs. I could certainly make us of this.

  5. I think it’s a cool mini app. What’s even cooler is that I can modify the code to totally customize it.

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