O2 briefly posts “pay as you go” prices for iPhone 3G

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Yesterday UK iPhone provider O2 briefly posted a page on their site that featured the exact pricing on their “pay-as-you-go” option. The website was replaced a short time later by a new page that said almost the same thing, but did not give specifics on pricing.

While it was up, O2 stated that the iPhone would cost “£300 (≈ $593) for the 8GB model, and £360 (≈ $711) for the 16GB model. The plan includes six months of WiFi and browsing. After the first six months, you can purchase browsing and WiFi access for £10 (≈ $20) monthly.” Thanks to TUAW.

So, will we see this pricing, or was it just not final? Good question. I’m not sure, but we’ll know soon enough.

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2 thoughts on “O2 briefly posts “pay as you go” prices for iPhone 3G

  1. now the interesting question is, can you replace the sim card in a pay-as-you-go iphone? because that would probably be the cheapest way to get an iphone you can to use with your current contract (assuming that the 2.0 firmware will at some point get hacked).

  2. I would love to have the iPhone in pay as you go because I’m too young to get it in Pay Monthly so I want to get the pay as you go for my birthday but it’s not out yet so I don’t know if i can get it but I would love it if o2 will get it in Pay As You Go

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