O2 activates 8,000 iPhone Users on Launch Day

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O2 was very excited about the iPhone launch day last Friday. The company activated 8,000 iPhones – which is 3 times what they anticipated according to Ars Technica.

That number seems low, of course, compared to the US launch as well as the German launch (on the same day). There is no telling when we’ll get more solid launch numbers for any of the country launches, so these numbers given by the cell phone companies will have to do.

I have to wonder though, if 8,000 truly is WAY more than they expected, or if they’re just spinning it to make it sound good…

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2 thoughts on “O2 activates 8,000 iPhone Users on Launch Day

  1. What makes you wonder is if the 10,000 T-Mobile sold how many were activated? I have a feeling a lot were bought for unlocking reasons.

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