No Flash in iPhone, Officially? – Maybe they should just pack this thing up…

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Well, in a report that I’m still having a hard time believing, TUAW says that they have official confirmation that there is no Flash support on the iPhone…yet.  The announcement was made during the State of Media Address yesterday. “There will be no Flash support at the moment on the iPhone.”

Now, if that’s true…then why on Earth did Steve Jobs tell all of us that you can use Safari to develop your iPhone applications until you get an actual iPhone?  He said they are the exact same browser.  If you can run flash in one, but not the other, then they are not the exact same browser.

If we’re supposed to have THE REAL Internet on the phone, then why in the hell aren’t we getting ALL of the REAL Internet?  I mean seriously, this is  means, at this point, that Steve Jobs has stood up on that stage at Macworld and at WWDC and flat out lied to us.

It ain’t the REAL Internet if you can’t actually do all the stuff you can do on the REAL Internet.  So calling it that is a lie.

Tell developers at the Keynote that they can use Safari to develop their applications because Safari on the Mac and Safari on the iPhone are the same thing…is a lie.  No flash support…NOT THE SAME DAMN BROWSER.

Can you tell I’m getting a little frustrated?

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19 thoughts on “No Flash in iPhone, Officially? – Maybe they should just pack this thing up…

  1. I agree with you on the iPhone not having Flash plugin included. Lame. Apple is going to be busy for many months after the phone is release implementing features that should have been available day 1!

  2. Jeremy –

    Flash is a installed by DEFAULT on OS X. If it’s the same browser, then it should be the SAME BROWSER. It’s not.

    He lied.

  3. Does it make a big difference for a developper? There maybe some misunderstanding here. Calling Steve Jobs a lier is a bit provocative, isn’t it?
    Calm down Michael. AppleGazette is not a trash media.

  4. @Claude –

    You’re right…but I have a hard time thinking anything different. If he tells us one thing, and it isn’t true…then what does that make?

  5. I say we wait till the phone comes out and we get our hands on it before we get too mad at the world.

  6. Mike you gotta realize Apple doesn’t make the Flash Player. If Adobe makes their flash player iPhone compatible I think that the iPhone’s Safari will work fine with it.

  7. Flash can only go on the phone if Apple allows it. Adobe can’t add it own their own. Same for Java.

    If the phone does not have Java then how can anyone use etrade’s market watch?

    Bottom line is that you MUST have both Flash and Java, no if ands or butts.

    Then I’m not getting the phone until it’s faster than EDGE.

  8. QuickTime supports Flash on Mac OS X, so I’d assume you have flash support on the iPhone as well as it seems to support QuickTime content. PDF support is lacking.

  9. i tend to go with mikey on this one.

    Terminlogy is very important.. especially when you’re talking to media. this is the kind of thing people get sued over.
    a spelling error here, a false fact there. things are taken rather literally.

    if stevo claims that we’ll get REAL internet on the phone.. we should get REAL internet on the phone…
    unless there are one of those asterisk clause on his presentation slides that says “‘REAL’ internet comprises of HTTP / HTTPS only”.


  10. I can’t wait until the 29th, not for an iPhone, but so that everyone can finally move on!!! I am tired of every fanboy site going on and on and on about the iPhone. Enough already!

  11. Your site is much more interesting when you criticize Apple’s poor decisions and not try and defend them and make everything Apple seem wonderful. Thanks.

  12. I hope they will add games (using fingers) onto the iPhone since flash games don’t work on iPhone’s internet.

  13. Flash takes a bunch of ram and even more CPU to run. I am a Flash developer and I can tell you that Flash is being optimized for dual core processors just to make it work better on PCs. The iPhone can’t do what a new PC can do, so it can’t run the regular flash player 9. This means that it will require a limited version of the player. I think Adobe and Apple will need to work very closely on this. Also, a development tool will need to be created/added to Flash CS3 before anyone will be able to use Flash on the iPhone.

    Right now there is Flash Light which runs on other mobile devices, but Flash Light wasn’t intended to run inside a web browser. I think the iPhone Safari should be better than Flash Light because the iPhone is much more powerful than a regular phone.

  14. Obviously, Safari on the iPhone is not the EXACT same browser as Safari on the Mac. It’s a different interface built on top of the same library. That interface does not include flash for the time being.

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