New iPhone Apps for July 16, 2008 (37 New or Updated Apps!)

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This is exactly what I was afraid of – today the App Store has 37 new or updated applications listed. Obviously if I highlight each one that’s going to make a small book, so I’m going to list all of them here, then spotlight a few that I find particularly interesting.

Here’s the full list first (again, some are NEW some are UPDATED – the App store doesn’t distinguish between the two): Bloomberg, Bluepulse, Boom!, BreakTouch 3D, Catholic Calendar, Cro-Mag Rally, D20 Gaming Dice Set, Disney’s All Star Cards, Drum Kit, Fahrplan, FatWatch, FlatLux, Finger Scan, Fire Words, Fit, Flashlight, Fortune Ball, Go Figure Lite, HaHaHa, Handy Randy, iSoroban, Mandelbrot, Mecrets, Mocha VNC Lite, Moonlight Mahjong Lite, More Cowbell, myTo-Dos with email support, Oxxo, Plum, Riddler Racer Lite, Solitaire Top 3, SplashShopper, Tipper, TouchPoker, tvGuide, Twittervision, Units

Out of the smorgasbord of new content there are a few gems that stand out…

Moonlight Mahjong Lite – A free version of one of the best Mahjong games on the iPhone. Twist, zoom, and pan your way around a 3D Mahjong board. The Lite version here has 4 title set ups. If you want more, you can get the non “Lite” version of the game for only $4.99.
Price: Free

Twittervision – If you’re a fan of the Twittervision website, you’ll probably dig this iPhone version of the popular destination for twitterholics. Its not a full featured twitter client (mainly because it doesn’t give you a great way to check on your friends) but it does allow you to update and see who’s tweeting around you. I’d love to see this updated into a full Twitter client in a future update.
Price: Free

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  1. Yes there was an update of Cro-Mag Rally flagged, so I downloaded it again and got another copy of version 1.0. Yes, the same .ipa file I downloaded four days ago. The same goes for NetNewsWire, Reversi, etc.

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