LogMeIn Ignition for iPhone. Remote Access your Computer…for $29.95

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There has been a lot of talk about pricing in the App Store recently. Many developers don’t think it’s possible to sell a product in the store for over $0.99. Well – LogMeIn is not one of those developers. They are now offering a full featured, slick looking iPhone Application that will allow you to access almost any computer you own from your iPhone no matter where you are (as long as you have a wi-fi connection).

Now before you even start, yes, there are Apps in the store that will let you do this for free…but they don’t run nearly as smoothly as the demo video above shows the LogMeIn App running. If this works as advertised, it should be worth every bit of the $29.95 price tag.

I’m hoping we can get a chance to look at this thing pretty soon. Right now it’s very promising. If you’ve purchased it, and have had some time to try it out, please feel free to leave your comments below.

If you’re ready to take the plunge, you can find it in the App Store right here.

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6 thoughts on “LogMeIn Ignition for iPhone. Remote Access your Computer…for $29.95

  1. I’ve had this app for a few days now and I must say, I am impressed. It is very much worth the $29.95 price tag.

    Moving the screen/desktop instead of the mouse is very easy to adapt to and quickly seems natural. The iPhone can give you memory warnings when you connect to computers with very high screen resolutions, but I have not experienced any crashes, yet. A big plus is being able to save login information. That makes for pretty quick connecting.

    I have only tried the app via WiFi, so I cannot speak to any Edge/3G connection issues.

    These are the types of apps that make the iPhone an indispensable tool and not just a tricked out cell phone.

  2. A bit too pricey…I need a simple to use remote access tool and LogMeIn with all its bells and whistles is just too expensive…I’ve come across Teamviewer (www.teamviewer.com) and Techinline (www.techinline.com) which I find to give a much greater “bang for the buck” and are easier to use as well for the end-user.

  3. @Steve

    Actually Jaadu VNC is not a better application. Jaadu features ZERO encryption. That’s dangerous, and could easily result in your identity being stolen or your machine being hacked, if you choose to access it via a public wireless network.

    Log Me In, on the other hand, features SSL encryption and a variety of additional security measures to protect your data.

  4. Ammyy Admin is quite useful if you are looking for a remote control program very easy to use and do not give you any annoyance to the configuration of ports, firewalls and more.

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