Legend Helsinki Announces Pre-Orders for Luxury iPhone 6S

luxury iPhone 6S

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Legend Helsinki is at it again, this time with their luxury iPhone 6S. In June, we wrote about their luxury Apple Watch, so it’s really not a surprise that we’re looking at their latest bespoke product.

Not that we can actually afford this luxury iPhone 6S, but there will always be takers. After all, the company is known for offering the best in the bespoke gadget market.

While the focus will be on the Apple event (ready yet?), let’s go dreaming by looking at Legend Helsinki’s latest creation.

They have different models, all with 128GB of storage. The difference lies in the bling. You can specify practically any preference – from the logo to diamond inlays to hand engravings and other materials.

Meet the Classique, which has 87 VVS1 grade diamonds studded into the gold metal logo, with the gold being the thickest used in the industry, according to Legend Helsinki. For this model, you can choose from 24Kt gold, Rose gold, Platinum or Black rhodium as the plating.

There’s also the Momentum, which feature hand-engraved inlays.

gold iPhone 6s

And just like their previous bespoke iPhones, this new luxury iPhone 6S line will be presented in nothing but a just-as-luxurious box made of wood, a premium leather folder, matching metal-plated earpods, and a certificate of authenticity (in case someone raises questions about you buying a replica OR you want to sell it in the future) and warranty.

The is priced at 2950 € and Momentum 3790 € including VAT and worldwide shipping.

All pre-ordered items will ship in October. Tempted?

For more info, or if you are interested in pre-ordering, visit Legend Helsinki’s website.

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